The My Kitchen Rules food truck pictured at Cronulla Beach.
The My Kitchen Rules food truck pictured at Cronulla Beach. Channel 7

MKR keeps on truckin: teams cook in "transformer" food truck

TONIGHT'S My Kitchen Rules featured one mother trucker of a challenge.

The MKR Food Truck made its debut in a beachside lunch challenge at Cronulla

It was the first time the teams were forced to work together in two groups and the first time they worked under the supervision of task master Colin Fassnidge.

The Irish chef promised to "push" the teams, but also to help them.

The two groups, cooking in identical kitchens on either side of the semi-trailer, had to create a lunch menu comprised of one entrée, two main dishes and two desserts to serve to hungry, paying customers.

They also had to appoint a head chef and matre de to keep things running smoothly.

Gatecrashers Josh and Danielle put their hands up to be head chef of the "white apron" team, as did Greek twins Helena for the "black apron" team.

The challenge starts with the contestants running around like "headless chooks" as cheese maker Jason so aptly puts it.

Anna had her her bossy pants on again, calling her mum "sweetie" and chastising her for not focusing.

Contestants from the white group cook in the new MKR food truck.
Contestants from the white group cook in the new MKR food truck.

Harry and Christo were flirting it up thanks to their "sweet" spot next to Tassie girls Bianca and Thalia making desserts for the black apron group.

Both teams had their dramas, with Fassnidge having to remind Josh and Helena to keep control in their kitchens.

The black group had one dish sent back for raw lamb, while a customer of the white group sent back her dessert because it had a hair in it.

At least all the money spent at the pop-up restaurants went to charity.

The winning team was determined by how much customers deemed their meals to be worth.

Evans praised Helena and Vikki's choice of entrée for the black apron group.

"Prawn cocktail on the beach; what more could you want?" he said.

But Evans didn't get "wowed" by Deb and Rick's rack of lamb.

And while the judge loved Jess and Bree's braised pork belly, unfortunately for the black group the public wasn't so hot on it.

Kelly and Chloe cook their steaks "to perfection" according to Manu Feildel, helping the white group on the challenge, despite hair gate.

And Kelly and Chloe got one up on their rivals Helena and Vikki.

All five teams from the Black group will have to cook off against each other in Kitchen HQ.

Tomorrow's episode will also see the introduction of a jury with the power to save one of the teams.



White Group

Appetiser: Seared tuna nicoise

Main: Crispy skin ocean trout with lentils and salsa verde

Main:  Surf 'n' Turf of eye fillet with prawns and twice cooked chips

Dessert: Chocolate ganache and shortbread stack

Dessert: Deconstructed lemon and raspberry tart


Black Group

Appetiser: Prawn cocktail

Main: Braised pork belly with white bean ragu and salsa verde

Main: Rack of lamb with roasted cherry tomatoes and mint sauce

Dessert: Flourless chocolate torte with macerated berries

Dessert: Lemon and lime citrus meringue crumble

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