The Trains On Our Tracks website as it looks since being hacked
The Trains On Our Tracks website as it looks since being hacked Contributed

Mindless hacker "Th0r" targets TOOT website

A HACKER by the name of Th0r appears to have targeted the Trains On Our Tracks website.

The internet site homepage displays a 'Hacked By Thor' message, complete with black background and a current time clock.

Strangely, there's even a copyright statement included that reads Copyright © 2013 | Designed by th0r.

The site's information cannot be accessed and the right click menu has also been disabled.

Trains On Our Tracks Facebook administrator Angela Burgler was only made aware of the website issues after My Daily News contacted her.

"I have never seen anything like this," she said.

"I would hate to make assumptions as it could have been totally random, but if we were targeted a little part of me thought it might be someone supporting (the) rail trail.

"This only popped into my head because a rail trail supporter trolled my Facebook page a while ago."

Miss Burgler said a strong campaign for the rail trail may have led to underhanded tactics.

'If my concerns have any truth, I feel that the rail trail campaign sees us as competition and is trying to steamroll TOOT," she said.

"They do not seem to be concerned with saving the corridor for train services or creating integrated public transport.

"I think they would like to use the tracks for a bike path so that the train will never run again."

Miss Burgler added that Trains On Our Tracks would like rail services reinstated alongside a tourist bike trail and that the group was not in competition with rail trail supporters.

A quick Google search on Th0r's footprint across the internet revealed the hacker responsible for the site hacking has either appropriated a popular alias, or personally penned the book Hacker's Biggest Secret Zero Knowledge Password.

Various information technology related businesses around the Tweed, such as Dex Computing, were unsure why the community site would be targeted and said they had no information on the hacker Th0r.

Trains On Our Tracks president Karin Kolbe was unavailable for comment.

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