FLYING: Richie and Shea Convey take the plunge for Full Tilt.
FLYING: Richie and Shea Convey take the plunge for Full Tilt. Keith Grealy

Might as well jump Full Tilt

BYRON Bay Full Tilt skydive team will compete in the Skydiving Nationals this week in Victoria.

The team, consisting of brothers Richie and Shea Convey together with cameraman Keith Grealy, will compete against some of Australia's best skydivers to win a spot in the Australian team ahead of the World Championships on the Gold Coast later this year.

Competitors pit their skills against each other in different disciplines.

In some events, racing against the clock to score points.

In others, they'll be scored for difficult manoeuvres in artistic routines or for their landing accuracy.

The team's home drop zone is the Tyagarah airfields, where they can undertake 8-10 jumps a day when they are in training.

The pair pack their own parachutes with their emergency chutes prepared by a designated safety chute packer every month.

"The competition consists of some free routines as well as some compulsory synchronised moves that have to choreographed,” Richie Convey said.

"The inherent danger of skydiving is always there, but we perform so many cross checks of equipment, the risk is managed.”

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