IF you're not into coffee, a health food store in Redbank has an alternative that might take your fancy.

With so many people today on the lookout for a healthy alternative, you might be keen to ditch the Chai Latte and try a Golden Latte, Velvet Latte and the new one that is getting lots of attention, the Mermaid Latte.

Emily Ganzenmuller has been making her healthy latte alternatives for over 18 months at Go Vita in Redbank Plaza and says that along with all new milks that are available like soy, lactose-free, almond and coconut, people are still on the lookout to try something new.

"My Velvet latte is a pink hot drink, made with a beetroot chai infusion, while my Golden Latte is also known as a Turmeric latte and I love them.

"Turmeric is great as it is a natural anti-inflammatory and doesn't have the stimulation that you get from caffeine in coffee," Emily said.

Emily Ganzenmuller with her colourful lattes at Go Vita Redbank Plaza.
Emily Ganzenmuller with her colourful lattes at Go Vita Redbank Plaza. Cordell Richardson

"The Mermaid latte is an infusion of sea minerals, blue superfoods and herbs which makes a marine-looking latte, and its unlike anything you've had before. It has minerals in it that grow on the ocean floor, high in bioactive calcium and magnesium."

The store has all three lattes available in their range, and also has the powders available for people who want to make it at home with coffee machine sales continuing to rise every year in Australia.

"We're finding that people are always on the lookout for something a bit healthier and since I've been a barista I'm working with all kinds of milk now compared to just full cream or skim.

"All of these lattes have pepper in them, which helps the body absorb superfoods better, it's there but in all honestly you can't taste it. Not everyone likes coffee, chai or hot chocolate. These are a great healthy alternative. Personally I've always been a big fan of the turmeric latte, that's been my drink for a long time. It tastes even better with coconut milk in my opinion."

Experts believe beetroot is great for detoxification, energy and stamina and along with turmeric its not unusual for people to see these on the menu in cafés.

"I think people today are always on the lookout for something better for them, and are more willing to take responsibility for their own health."

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