Another measles alert has been issued for the West Moreton Region
Another measles alert has been issued for the West Moreton Region

MEASLES: Another alert has been issued for Ipswich region

A MEASLES alert has been issued after another case of measles was confirmed in the Ipswich area.

The person attended a number of locations in the region while unknowingly infectious. These include:

•Riverlink Shopping Centre, including Ally Fashion, Kmart and the food court on Wednesday 4 December between 3.30 and 4.30pm

•Riverlink Shopping Centre, including Woolworths and Kmart on Friday 6 December between 11:00 and 11:30am

West Moreton Health's public health physician, Dr Catherine Quagliotto said measles spreads very easily in the air when a person with the infection coughs or sneezes, so people in those areas should look for symptoms over the next couple of weeks.

"People in those areas at those times who are unsure or have concerns about their immunity to measles should contact their doctor to check whether they have had a full course of two measles vaccines," Dr Quagliotto said.

Dr Quagliotto is also urging other members of the public in Ipswich and surrounding communities talk to their doctor about vaccination for measles - particularly those who are preparing for travel or who will have contact with travellers, especially over the holiday season.

The initial symptoms of measles include fever, tiredness, runny nose, cough, and sore and red eyes.

"This is followed a few days later by a blotchy, red rash which often starts on the face and then becomes widespread over the body," Dr Quagliotto said.

"If unwell with the symptoms of measles, it is very important to phone ahead to your GP or other health service and advise them first that you could have measles, so that staff can take precautions to prevent spread to others."

Due to measles being common before 1966, anyone born before 1966 is likely to have had the disease as a child and now be immune to measles.

Dr Quagliotto said people who have been adequately vaccinated with two recorded doses of Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine are also likely to be immune.

Ipswich City Council will be running free measles vaccination clinics for eligible persons with details available at:

"Queensland Health staff will continue to actively investigate this case and do whatever they can to prevent further transmission."

For more information on measles visit the Queensland Health website or contact 13 HEALTH

(13 43 25 84) any time, any day.

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