Marriage a style that suits me

WHEN one of my granddaughters asked me what I thought of marriage I was stumped.

Such a question has as many answers as people on this earth. I can only answer for myself that married life appeals to me even though I have been wed some 16 years and maybe should know better.

I would like to boast that in that time we have never exchanged a cross word but I would be lying as much as any other married person who makes such a claim .

How can any two individuals always totally agree on everything? Every married person sometime, somewhere asks themselves, if only for a moment: Why can't I be single again?

I am one of those odd types that think everyone is entitled to the warmth, physical comfort and companionship of another whether they be of the opposite or same sex.

Before anyone throws up their hands in moral horror at what might go on in the bedroom, ask yourself what right you have to tell anyone else how to conduct their sex life.

Or, perhaps worse, have someone dictate to you what is rightous or not to do in private with a consenting adult.

It is not easy to have a successful marriage. It requires constant work and understanding of how the other half feels all the time.

Mood swings are difficult to understand and control in ourselves.

They are equally hard to predict in a partner but we all have them and must take them into account in day-to-day living with another.

Arguments can be bitter despite a deep love shared.

My oldest sister once told me that the worst disagreements she ever had with her husband were always about money. I am sure this is a problem shared by all married couples.

Probably money arguments are inevitable as males and females have such diverse views on what should be spent or otherwise and on what.

For instance, I cannot understand why my Darling is never satisfied with her hairstyle for more than a few days.

My opinion that the latest attempt is very attractive means nothing.

What would I, as a man, know about hair styling for ladies? This despite the fact her hairdresser is male.

On the other hand rather than have my wife waste money on gilding the lily I believe what we really need is a boat, complete with a trailer and powerful outboard motor.

Of course, she is correct in pointing out I am no longer physically capable of launching or retrieving a boat let alone handling it on the water.

The problem is women do not understand how money should be sensibly spent.

Of course, a lot of people choose to live together without the formality of marriage. This is their decision but I am constantly amazed that it is often the woman who prefers that situation.

Gone are the days when every girl had one aim to marry. Maybe, just maybe, they do not like the idea of being owned.

As l said at the start, I cannot speak for anyone else especially the ladies. I know I like being married to my Darling.

She has a sharp tongue and and independent streak I do not always appreciate, but life would be boring with a wife who always agreed.

Married life will do me. Now and forever.

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