Guy James Weldon attempted to escape from custody after being denied bail for an alleged armed robbery.
Guy James Weldon attempted to escape from custody after being denied bail for an alleged armed robbery.

Man’s brazen attempt to escape custody after bail refusal

AN ALLEGED armed robber attempted to escape from the Bundaberg courthouse today after he was denied bail.

Guy James Weldon, 25, attempted to make his escape when police were taking him out of the cornered off section and back into custody.

Weldon escaped through the open glass door and ran across to the other side of the courtroom, handcuffs still in place.

Police, including police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Klaassen, began cornering him while Weldon had one leg on each side of the public gallery divider in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

People in the public gallery scattered with one woman ending up in front of the Magistrate's desk while a couple with their two children huddled together in the corner of the public gallery.

Sergeant Klaassen told him to "give it up mate" and Weldon sprinted forward ending up in the arms of the police who pushed him to the ground and took him back into custody

Weldon was in court applying for bail in relation to a charge of robbery with actual violence/in company/used personal violence.

Weldon's lawyer, Gavin James said Weldon was in a taxi when he realised he had brought the wrong card and wasn't able to pay.

Mr James said Weldon had told him the taxi driver dropped him in the general location of where he was picked up but Weldon requested to be taken to his friend who could pay for the taxi.

Mr James was told the taxi driver was angry at Weldon's inability to pay and there was yelling and screaming.

Mr James said there were two witnesses who were yelling and one approached with something in his hand when Weldon got into the vehicle and locked the doors.

Mr James said "he said he didn't produce the knife to take the vehicle from the cab driver".

Magistrate Andrew Moloney said Weldon was on bail at the time from a previous offence allegedly involving threatening others with a syringe.

When denying Weldon's bail, magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account the nature and seriousness of the offence in which he is charged, previous history and how he has previously failed to appear.

Bail was refused and he was remanded to appear by video link on February 13, 2020.

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