Neighbours report 'blood-curdling screams' as man shot

A man has been shot dead at Tewantin.
A man has been shot dead at Tewantin.


UPDATE: NEIGHBOURS heard 'blood curdling screams' and three shots fired after a man was gunned down by police in a Tewantin street on Sunday afternoon.

The 51-year-old man from interstate had apparently lunged at police with a knife before he was shot at close range in the chest.

Police had been called to the normally quiet Outlook Drive address after reports of a disturbance.

News Ltd reported the man was understood to have been on a rampage with a sledgehammer, damaging property and cars on the street when police were called.

He had been staying at the home of his son and son's partner.

Police would not confirm whether one or two officers were involved in the shooting.

Nine News reported both officers were involved in the shooting and one stage the man had a steel pole.

Police Acting Superintendent John Bosnjak told reporters  the scene was still being examined but it was understood police fired several shots.

He said the investigation was still at a very early stage with police having to interview multiple witnesses.

He could not confirm what the man had been armed with before being shot.

However, they did confirm the shooting happened in the street, not in the residence.

Act Supt Bosnjak said the shooting was very traumatic for the family and the police involved.

"It's quite a traumatic time for the family and police involved - you don't come to work to be involved in matters like this," he said.

"I do feel for my people and I obviously feel for the family..."

The shooting has sparked comments on the Sunshine Coast Daily's Facebook page questioning why police did not use non-lethal force such as tasers.

But one local Jacob Mander urged police not to make comments until they knew all the facts.

"To the people criticising the police, were you there? Do you even know what happened?

"Quit running your mouths on a topic you know nothing about.

"These men and women get up every morning to protect us.

"And all you guys can to is criticise their every action. I'm not saying every decision they make is the correct one.

"But they normally do what is best in a situation.''

Forensic police and detectives are investigating the shooting.

The street is expected to be cordoned off for the rest of Sunday night. The man's body was still in the street covered with a blanket late this afternoon.

The Coroner's office will also join the probe along with the Ethical Standards Command, as is the usual procedure.

Police at the scene of the Tewantin shooting. Photo: Seven News / Twitter
Police at the scene of the Tewantin shooting. Photo: Seven News / Twitter

Man dies after being shot by police in chest in Tewantin

A MAN has died after being shot by police in the chest after they reportedly investigated a disturbance at a home in Tewantin.

The Queensland Police Service is yet to confirm the reasons behind the shooting at Outlook Drive.

However, the ABC reported there was a disturbance at a house where the man allegedly had a knife.

Resident Brett Larcombe said he heard three gunshots.

"I heard the gunshots from my house, but I didn't see the shooting," he told the ABC.

"You don't hear anything like that around here - it's a really quiet neighbourhood.

"We've never had any dramas like that around this neighbourhood - it's a good neighbourhood, good people.

"It was a bit daunting - wondering what was happening - which is why we came to have a look, we only live around the corner."

Another resident, John Smith, also told the ABC he heard a single bang earlier this afternoon, but said "it didn't sound like a gunshot".

"Just a sort of a crack, a bang, something that'd hit something," he said.

"A while later I heard a couple short bursts of siren and didn't think much of it, I thought it was just passing by.

"I just walked out here ... and saw all the action down the road."

It is expected police will reveal more on the circumstances surrounding the shooting this afternoon. 

Outlook Dr is closed to all traffic as senior police investigate the incident. 

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers arrived on the scene a short time ago.

He told APN he had not been briefed on the situation but would be talking to the officers involved.


It is the fourth police shooting in recent times with previous deaths at Kippa-Ring, Inala and Rochedale.

Already, there have been questions raised on social media about the shooting.

Bec N Antz A wrote on Facebook: "I know that every situation is different, but why can't our Police Force shoot to maim instead of kill?? We are Not America!"

Law Zee pointed out that "police are trained to shoot at the largest body mass until the threat no longer exists".

The Ethical Standards Command is expected to investigate the latest shooting, which follows their investigation into the death of a 33-year-old man by police at a Kippa Ring home.

Just after 1am, police responded after multiple calls were received from an Elizabeth Avenue address.

When police arrived, a man allegedly threatened two officers with a knife.

A number of shots were fired by officers.

The 33-year-old man was pronounced deceased at the scene.


A man has been shot in the chest by police at Tewantin.
A man has been shot in the chest by police at Tewantin.

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