Tweed man on conspiracy to murder charge denied bail

A TWEED Heads man who is accused of conspiring to murder his co-accused's landlord has had his bid for freedom rejected.

Trent Daniel Habershon, 25, had his application for bail heard on Thursday in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Queensland Police allege Habershon, along with Menniti Seafoods operator Joseph Palermo, 36, were planning to kill the man after they intercepted concerning phone conversations between the two.

It is understood a dispute between Palermo and the landlord had occurred after he was locked out of his seafood shop over unpaid rent.

Police caught the two men outside the landlord's home in the Brisbane suburb of Clayfield during an early morning sting last month.

A police search of their car uncovered a shotgun, two large zip ties, a knife, a baton and printed emails detailing the landlord's behaviour.

The court heard key to the case was police phone taps revealed the men were planning to put a GPS tracking device in the landlord's car.

Crown Prosecutor Elizabeth Shaw told the court a conversation between the pair was along the lines of, "We have no choice now. We have to go up and get the old man tonight."

She said another conversation between the two revealed the men were planning to do something to the landlord at a later date, "It is a better idea, it is cleaner ... we will get him on his way to work," the recording said.

Habershon's barrister Patrick Wilson argued unsuccessfully the case what was said in the taped conversations were speculative and open to interpretation.

"While I have no doubt there is an aspect of criminality involved, what that might be is purely speculative," he said.

"There could be alternative explanations as to what the two men were talking about."

However, Justice John Byrne did not buy into the argument.

In refusing the bail application he said he feared if Habershon was released on bail he "might try and finish the job" and the consequences to the complainant could be fatal.

"Well if he was not conspiring to kill the complainant then there is overwhelming evidence he was going to cause the complainant serious harm," he said.

"There is no satisfactory explanation as to why Habershon decided to participate in this plan. He did not know the complainant or have any prior association with him.

"He has involved himself in serious conduct where the underlaying fact is he was caught allegedly conspiring to kill a man.

"The circumstances are frightening really."

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