Man fined for leaving car unlocked on his street

A MAN whose boss posted a photo of a fine he received for leaving his car unlocked near his Byron Bay home has sparked social media outrage by posting the infringement notice on Facebook.

Byron Bay man Aria got fined this week for leaving his car unlocked on his own street. Photo: Contributed
Byron Bay man Aria got fined this week for leaving his car unlocked on his own street. Photo: Contributed Rodney Stevens

On Thursday, David Gunn posted a photo of the $106 infringement notice his staff member Aria received for parking his car unlocked and unattended near his Bangalow Rd home.

"Has the world gone mad?" Mr Gunn wrote.

"This police blitz is crazy."

Needed to get his licence

Aria said when he got pulled over for a random breath test and drug test on Bangalow Rd on Monday, he realised he wasn't carrying his licence.

"So I got fined for not having my licence on me," he said.

"Then I parked my car on the side of the road, and left the windows open and door unlocked because I don't live far away.

"Then I walked back home to get my licence."

When he returned, Aria said he wasn't aware he had been fined.

"When I got back with my licence there wasn't a fine on my car," he said.

"Yesterday I got a fine for $106 in the mail for leaving my car unlocked.

"The time on it was only 20 minutes after I got my fine for not having my drivers licence on me."

Didn't know the offence existed

Aria said he didn't know that such an offence existed.

"I didn't know that I could get fined for having my own car, which is my own property, legally parked on the side of the road and unlocked," he said.

"It's just not fair."

Lismore police Inspector Susie Johnston said it was an offence to leave a vehicle unlocked and unattended on a public street.

State based law

The offence is a state based law applicable in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, to safeguard from insurance fraud.

Insurance Company Allianz said the regulations are some of the measures that have been introduced to combat the staggering number of car thefts.

Combating car thefts

"From organised crime gangs who rebirth cars for money through to opportunists and joyriders who steal cars for cheap thrills, there are a range of factors driving vehicle theft," Allianz said on its website.

"In Australia, it has been found that opportunistic thieves are responsible for about three out of every four stolen cars. 

"Car insurance companies usually require that policy holders take reasonable steps to safeguard and protect their vehicle.

"This means that if your car is stolen because you left it unlocked, your car insurance claim might be declined.

"Furthermore, the theft of personal items will usually only be covered if they were taken from a locked vehicle."

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