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L'Wren Scott's friends and family gather for funeral

SIR Mick Jagger was reportedly joined by 60 of L'Wren Scott's close friends and family members at her funeral in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

Security was extremely tight as the "intimate" service got underway at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at 10am, following the 49-year-old fashion designer's suicide inside her luxury apartment in Manhattan, New York City on March 17.

Shortly beforehand, a source told HollywoodLife.com: "L'Wren's funeral services are taking place this morning at the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery. All the cars entering are getting checked by security and the trunks are being searched. The main gates are closed and only certain cars are being allowed onto the premises. The services are set to begin at 10am.

"Security is super tight at L'Wren's services. About sixty to seventy guests are expected."

A select group of family and friends were invited to bid a final farewell to the former model, according to the New York Daily News.

An insider added: "It will be an intimate service for close family and friends to pay their respects to L'Wren."

Another source also confirmed to The Sun newspaper: "L'Wren's funeral is today. Everything is in place for people to say their goodbyes."

The Rolling Stones singer, Mick, 70, who has been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills with family since flying to LA from Australia after learning about his girlfriend's death, reportedly organised the funeral with his partner of 13 years' brother, Randall Bambrough.

But L'Wren's sister, Jan Shane, is furious she won't be buried alongside their parents in Utah, where they grew up, and angry with Randall for not consulting her about the arrangements.

She recently said: "I have been frozen out of my own sister's funeral. [My brother] Randy won't talk to me or call me about the arrangements, or my hopes that L'Wren be buried beside mom and dad. I am very angry about this and I cannot get answers from anybody and now I have given up expecting to hear from Mick or anyone".

Jan used to be close to L'Wren - who was originally named Luann after being adopted as a baby by Ivan and Lula Bambrough - but had been estranged from her sister for six years.

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