Two divorce lawyers have top tips on how to keep the peace at home.
Two divorce lawyers have top tips on how to keep the peace at home. KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Love on the rocks?

DIVORCE is a pretty common event in the modern world. About one in three Australian marriages end that way. Some couples seem to have relationships sorted, while others simply can't make it work.

In the United Kingdom, the divorce rate is even higher, with about 42% of UK marriages ending in divorce and a rising number of divorces among those aged 50-64.

Now two divorce lawyers have spoken to the Daily Mail about what they have learned after decades of refereeing the closure of many high-profile marriages. Here's what they think keep marriages working.

Be co-operatively tidy

When couples are divorcing, it's amazing how often the topic of cleanliness comes to light. To the cleaner partner, the dirty dishes and disarrayed clothing were clear signs of laziness and contempt. On the other side of the coin, the cleaner partner's need to constantly primp and polish could drive the other partner to the edge of madness. The Fix: The key in getting past this is being willing to have compromise on both sides.

Have solo and shared interests

In some cases, having shared interests can bring a lot of depth and happiness to a relationship, but the fact is that with many partners not meeting each other until later in life, there are some interests that will always be solo. This is important, but it's also important to have an open discussion about how to manage those interests, both in terms of finance and time management.

Always make time for sex

While a lack of sex in itself might not be the catalyst for a marriage break-up, according to the divorce lawyers anyway, it is generally among the factors that will eventually lead to divorce. According to the lawyers, conflicts about money, children and lifestyle tended to be considered as more important than diminishing intimacy, but sex still has a place. The Fix: What happens in the bedroom tends to be related to what is going on outside of it, so if you're having issues with your partner they are likely to lead to a lack of intimacy. Take the time to build your relationship up in many ways, not just intimate ones, before calling it a lost cause.

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