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Lorde performs at property mogul's birthday bash

DOUBLE Grammy winner Lorde was the star performer at rich lister Ted Manson's no-expense-spared weekend birthday bash.

It's understood that Rhys Darby was MC and Hayley Westenra also sang during an evening in which many thousands of dollars worth of Cristal champagne was served to those on the exclusive guest list.

Lorde namechecked the drink in her breakthrough hit Royals as being one of the negative aspects of celebrity culture.

Only four days earlier Lorde was tweeting from Niagara Falls about her parents' engagement and, though on tour in North America, the teen superstar singer returned to Auckland for Saturday night's glizty party.

She wowed Mr Manson's 300 guests in one of the property mogul's own developments, the atrium of Telecom's $250 million headquarters in the central city, where she provided the after-dinner performance.

Her manager Scott Maclachlan, who escorted Lorde to the function, said the gig was a private event that he could not talk about.

However, he said while the former Takapuna Grammar student was an international celebrity with a string of hits and several high-profile gongs to her name, Lorde would still consider playing private parties.

"Private events are part of the opportunities open to all artists."

Asked if she was "brilliant" he replied, "Yep, as ever. I'm sure she enjoyed it. She doesn't really do things by halves so it was good."

Her fee is unknown but in May the International Business Times reported Lorde's show pricetag as upwards of $170,000.

Mr Manson, who was valued at $230 million on the 2009 National Business Review Rich List and owns Mansons TCLM with his sons Culum, Luke and Mac, was said to be celebrating his 60th.

Senior event producer Lucy Heald from The Total Event was called in to arrange the party but declined to give details of the night.

Those in the know about the affair remained tight-lipped yesterday including son Culum who would not even confirm if the party had gone ahead, while Rosie Carnahan Darby, who manages her comedian husband, did not confirm Darby's role.

Privately owned Mansons is one of New Zealand's most successful commercial development businesses. It was started by Mr Manson and his father Colin in the mid 1970s.

Meanwhile, Lorde has indicated she may be the wedding singer on her parents' special day.

"If they want me to sing, I will sing," she told Australia's Herald Sun.

"I can do that. It's awesome. I'm so happy for them. After 30 years, you don't think they're every going to get married.

"Now I can go to a wedding, and I'm excited about that," she said.

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