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Lohan accuses Major of lying

MICHAEL Lohan insists he didn't "do a damn thing" to Kate Major.

The showbiz patriarch was arrested on Monday for three felony charges of domestic violence - preventing the report of the victimisation, false imprisonment and inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant - against his on/off girlfriend but insists he is the victim.

He said: "I didn't touch her. I didn't do a damn thing to her.

"Yesterday I went to all my therapy meetings and went to the house and Kate was there. She's been staying at my place. It's a lie that she wasn't staying there. She wanted to go out to dinner but I said no, I'd rather bring food home so she wouldn't drink at the restaurant.

"When we got back to the house, she was in the bedroom and I was cooking dinner when she started screaming. She was yelling 'What the f**k is this? You're a piece of s**t. Who is Maryann Mancuso?' and that is a friend of mine.

"She was holding my phone and I grabbed it away from her. She had something sharp in her hand and she grabbed my arm and slashed my arm open.

"I told her to get out of here, you get your stuff and get out of here right now."

Michael - the father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan - went on to claim Kate faked her injuries and accused her of driving under the influence of alcohol.

He told website RadarOnline.com: "She said I gave her a fat lip, she has Restylane in her lips. I didn't give her a fat lip. She did the same thing in West Hampton. I didn't touch her, she's full of c**p. I have cuts on my arm. She put fake makeup on her eyes before.

"Kate drove to the police station. She was drunk when she drove to the police station. I called the police and said I wanted to press charges on my girlfriend.

"This was all a set up."

Shortly after his arrest, Michael was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Centre after complaining of chest pains and is currently waiting to undergo tests to establish the seriousness of his condition.

He said: "They're doing a stress test today (22.03.11) and if it doesn't come out right they're putting stints in tomorrow. My arteries keep closing when I get stressed."

Last July, Kate accused Michael of attacking her at their home in Southampton, New York, claiming he threw her off a chair and kicked her in the face during an argument.

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