Lincoln Lewis is the new ambassador of Foxtel Express.
Lincoln Lewis is the new ambassador of Foxtel Express. Paul Broben/Brobes - Contributed by Foxtel

Lincoln Lewis kicking goals overseas in movie and TV deals

LINCOLN Lewis's acting career is taking off, with the young Aussie hunk landing his first role in the US.

The 25-year-old, who got his start with guest roles on The Sleepover Club, Mortified and H2O: Just Add Water, has a supporting role in Will and Jaden Smith's upcoming futuristic sci-fi flick After Earth.

"The movie is 85 percent just Will and Jaden because it's that whole father-son story," he said.

"But my character Bo and Jaden's character Kitai are elite soldiers in training.

"Will's character is this legendary soldier and Jaden wants to be just like his dad.

"All my stuff is with Jaden at the start, which we filmed in the Utah desert."

He has since been cast in the pilot for US broadcaster ABC's drama series Westside, which is a modern retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet set in Venice Beach, California.

"It's got a Lords of Dogtown feel about it and is focused on the surfing culture of Venice," Lewis said.

"My character's brother Chris is the Romeo (in the story).

"My character Shealy is the type of kid who will never back down.

"He loves to surf, loves to skate but he's quite angry at his brother. He's got all these issues he has to deal with."

If Westside is picked up for a full series, then Lewis will be part of the core cast of a primetime US drama airing to millions of viewers each week.

It's a big achievement considering he was still cutting his teeth on soapie Home and Away just three years ago.

Adding another feather to his cap, Lewis has also been named the face of Foxtel Express, the pay-TV provider's new push to air more than 40 TV series, including The Walking Dead, True Blood and Game of Thrones, just hours after the US.

"It's great from a consumer point of view because whenever you're watching television it's all about we want it now," he said.

"With things like piracy the studios don't make as much money and they can't put it back into other projects."

While Lewis's fans will have to wait for news about Westside, they can see him in After Earth when it opens in cinemas on June 13.

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