The lifesaving app no mum wants to leave home without

TRAVELLING to a new place with kids - whether it be across town or another country - is always an unpredictable adventure.

Within minutes of departing, the question of 'where is the nearest playground?' will invariably be yelled from the back seat of the car or the pram you're pushing down a busy street.

Well mums, stress no more. The Playground Buddy app has come to the rescue.

This life-saving app, created by a Canadian mum and dad, has more than 350,000 playgrounds in 170 countries. Yes, you read it right! Australia is well covered too.

"I remember being in the car once with my two young kids and they were going crazy" says Christine Baghdassarian, one of the founders. "I needed a playground right then and had no idea how to find one."

There's a reason why this app is fast becoming a must have for travelling families. There are endless options to search playgrounds near you, further away in the same city, across the country and around the world.

Because it was made for mums like us, it even has the ability to check what facilities are there - from the swing sets, slides to toilets, picnic tables and nearby parking. Some even have street views of the park so you can view it before you get there. How nifty is that!

To locate a playground, just open the map and zoom in on where you are and the playgrounds will appear in green.

Sign in to create a favourites list and if you spot one that isn't in the app, or is no longer there, just email the contact in the app and they'll amend the listing.

And by far our most-loved feature is settin up a playdate with your best buddies by sharing playground details and the location. Your friends don't even have to have the app to receive the invitation!

Playground Buddy is free via Google Play and the App Store.

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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