Life destroyed after man takes teenage former lover captive

SHE was beaten with a machete and a rifle while the man she once loved held her captive for three days.

Billy-Anne Huxham, a mere 18 years old at the time, now says her life is going to be a "never-ending struggle".

"When people ask me how it has affected my life, I can sum it up in one word," she said.


Holding herself staunchly, her voice occasionally trembling, Ms Huxham told Brisbane District Court how life had seemed so simple and she was happy before Carl Garry Chapman, 32, took away her innocence.

"I'll never be that person again," she said.

"They are three days that will forever be in my mind."

Chapman snatched Ms Huxham from a home in Gilbert St, Caboolture, where she was babysitting three children aged 15, 12 and 10, on March 21, 2015.

Armed with a machete at least 50cm long, in front of the children she was caring for, Chapman punched her in the head and slapped her with the machete, also hitting her with its blunt edge. The young girls in the house screamed at him to stop.

Holding the machete to her neck, he forced her from the house and into the passenger seat of the car, and told her if she tried to escape he would stab her in the throat.

He spent the next three days moving her between homes on the Sunshine Coast on the run from police in an attack described as like "someone who'd been captured in armed conflict".

After pleading guilty to the ordeal on Thursday, Chapman was sentenced to six years jail with a two-year non-parole period.

The court heard he terrorised the teenage girl, repeatedly punching her in the head and threatening to kill her.

At one point he had even made the terrified 18-year-old her dye her hair during the drug-fuelled attack, in an attempt to disguise her.

Chapman also entered a home at Caboolture South with a rifle, telling the residents they were "all dead".

In the home of Ms Huxham's friend in Morayfield, Chapman punched her 10 times in the head and made her beg for her life while pointing the rifle at her.

He hit her 15 times on the top of her head with the gun, and she fell into unconsciousness.

Ms Huxham was taken to two other houses on the Sunshine Coast before he passed out from drug use and she saw her chance to escape.

She suffered black eyes, significant bruises and lacerations and serious psychological damage as a result of her "prolonged and brutal" ordeal.

Ms Huxham told the court she was no longer able to go out very much in public, or take public transport.

"Not having any viable exits sends me into a panic attack," she said.

The court heard Chapman, who had been in custody for 19 months, was likely to be deported to New Zealand upon his release from prison.

Justice Ian Dearden labelled Chapman's action "appalling, despicable, and a disgusting way to treat another human being".

"Relationships end but that doesn't mean that gave you any basis way to treat this young woman in the most appalling and despicable way that you did," he said.


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