Harry's view on border tension.
Harry's view on border tension.

LETTERS: Why are COVID-19 deaths exempt from post-mortems?




THISCOVID-19 is the greatest hoax the world has ever seen since the Popes declaring themselves as Christ's vicar on Earth.

Many refute the so called corona deaths.

It is mandatory for post-mortems on the dead.

Why are corona deaths exempt?

Maybe morphine is the cause of death in the old peoples homes, or some other medical procedure.

The average age of the deaths counted is 80.

Tanzamia's President John Magufuli exposed the fraud of the corona test kits as faulty. Samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw, gave a positive reading, despite the origin of the samples remaining hidden.

Those who refute the existence of this virus are tagged as conspiracy theorists, when in fact it's the world's movers and shakers who opt as the conspirators.

Does anyone know someone who has COVID-19?

We are only told the numbers which are pulled out of thin air.

If you recorded the numbers from the beginning, you would realise the figure doesn't compute.

A report from Dr. Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Assoc. said, "No one has died from the Coronavirus."

Ed Vaughan, Carmila


The men think that they do the work because all they understand is a limited range of elementary manual tasks.

I think that it is the educated who do the work because they provide industry with the essential productive expertise, which industry used to make all of our products.

Even the manufacture of simple products like a hammer, a saw or an axe, requires productive expertise.

No amount of labour would make these products.

The expertise involves an enormous range of information, skills, facts, figures, equations, and calculations, which are much more difficult to accomplish than elementary manual tasks. Many of the industrial problems have not been encountered before.

The elementary manual tasks of labour are a basic level of assistance and not a determinant of productive potential.

Industry used expertise to determine productive potential and industry used expertise to determine economic value.

Consequently the productive expertise has a vastly higher economic value than the elementary manual tasks.

The accountants and solicitors provide industry with operating expertise of high economic value.

The development of expertise requires a very high level of concentration for extended periods of time, which are frequently over a decade.

Some expertise is born of several decades of dedicated scholastic effort.

Some perspectives on this question can be gained from the Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Journal of Production Engineering and the Journal of Chemistry, which can all be viewed on the internet.

Grahame Bell, Earlville




Harry's view on border tension.
Harry's view on border tension.



Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has copped criticism over the state's border rules, with critics saying it's a 'double standard' that AFL elite are prioritised, as everyday Australians are knocked back.


HELEN LARSON: While I support everything you have done throughout the Covid crisis I agree that allowing the AFL finals to be held in QLD is wrong, it is just football at the end of the day, not as important as the health of Queenslanders who have continually done the right thing to stop the spread of the virus. You have put money above the people who have supported you.

YVONNE MILNE: Well done Anna I wasn't a real fan before COVID but I take my hat off to you. I think you are doing a great job in a very tough time. Thank you

SHANE MICHAEL: Football of any colour shouldn't even be a consideration for any concessions at all during this Covid-19 time. Far more important issues out there.

WENDY MATTHEWS: Double standards.

B ARBARA MCDONALD: A big Thank-you. You are doing a great job and I don't vote labour.




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