THE day the power brokers in the NRL sacked David Gallop as C.E.O was the day the game started losing the war.

Officially dismissed for "overacting to situations", they failed to understand that Gallop could see the deteriorating of behaviour and discipline on and off the field was having a negative effect on the future of the game, especially with parents of the games future players and as a marketable brand for sponsors.

I was shocked and disappointed by the leagues response to the treatment handed out to Jonathon Thurston on the weekend. The game has always been tough enough without accepting thuggery and cheap shots "as just part of the game".

It sends a bad message to parents at a time when junior league is competing with many other sports such as soccer and AFL etc.

It seems to say "play the game by all means but don't let them get too good at it otherwise they'll get the crap beaten out of them every game".

Several NRL clubs are in trouble today because they've turned a blind eye to players behaviour on and off the field and have allowed the "monkeys to run the zoo" when they should be showing some backbone for the game for which they are only custodians.


Col Goltz

Emu Park

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