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How to tilt at windmills and appease the Holden gods

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Mining Tax is the Devil

'Twiggie' Forrest has declared his High Court challenge of the mining tax to be a case of good versus evil. 

This seems reliable given that the Fortescue chairman is also confident that the incoming Chinese President can eradicate poverty in China.

200 jobs lost at Ford

More than 200 Ford workers have been sacked in Victoria.

The company blamed shrinking production levels. Holden fans refused to comment.

Solar credits axed to help households

Some relief for non solar family power bills with the Federal Government planning to end its solar credits scheme early.

The $100 million dollar cut in electricity prices should make it easier for households to afford the $7 billion in subsidies for coal companies.

BP cops $4 billion fine

BP has admitted guilt for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, copping a $4 billion fine for their efforts.

Brad Pitt advocated the death penalty, but he's an actor.

Thaw in the property market

Home loan figures are showing some signs of a thaw in the property market as borrowers gain confidence.

Interestingly, only one in five borrowers fixed their interest rate: perhaps they expect interest rates to rise soon?

Abbott to rescue small business

Tony Abbott has committed to helping small business by cutting red tape, creating 30,000 new small business a year, and cracking down on industrial action.

John Howard promised the same thing but then went on to win three more elections by doing the exact opposite.

Campbell Newman promises to slash red tape

In Queensland, Premier Newman has promised to slash red tape by 20%

How that could possibly be quantified is a mystery.

Working from home may be the answer to productivity

KPMG chief economist Nicki Hutley has suggested 'teleworking' may boost employee morale and productivity.

Reports that Senator Conroy was seen sitting on a giant pile of fibre optics saying "I told you so" remain unconfirmed.

Farmers want more foreign workers

The farming lobby proposes that we make it easier for foreign workers to work on Aussie farms to boost the industry.

It seems most Aussie youth don't like getting their hands dirty.

James Hardie directors have penalties reduced

Former James Hardie directors who'd breached their duties have had their penalties reduced.

Meanwhile, locals are outraged that a shoplifter wasn't given life in prison.

Big business caught out paying almost no tax

Starbucks, Google and Amazon have been pulled up for paying almost zero tax in the UK.

A hearing was called after an MP noticed that Starbucks had run a loss for 14 years and were still growing.

Half of all regional airports running at a loss

Half of all regional airports are running at a loss despite the mining boom.

Turns out that when you make a tiny council pay for a $20 million upgrade, numbers flatline for a while.

Will Abbott and Newman be effective in reducing red tape?

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