BAND: Ben Jackson, Kodi Twiner, Luke Rosten and Lachlan Dwyer are Ladyslug.
BAND: Ben Jackson, Kodi Twiner, Luke Rosten and Lachlan Dwyer are Ladyslug. Natalie Foord

Ladyslug gets ready for Mullum Music Festival

WHILST sitting on a dock in Cuba watching money float in the ocean (which they believed to a good omen) Kodi Twiner and Ben Jackson decided to jump in pursuit of their musical dreams.

Having previously played together during their music degree in Lismore, Kodi, Ben, Luke Rosten and Lachlan Dwyer came together in 2016 to form Ladyslug.

Now known widely across the Northern Rivers for their 'nu-jazz' genre, lead singer Kodi said their sound is inspired by "tasty music that moves the audience".

"But also stimulates the vast and eclectic creative preferences we have as individual musicians. It's an experiment every time we song write," Kodi said.

Kodi said the lyrics she writes generally have a micro and macro meaning, encompassing personal and political themes.

"Pleasure Rhymes is a little about the privilege we all share in the Northern Rivers," she said.

"I was looking at the ocean in Lennox, and thinking about its connection to the water across the globe, which isn't as pristine, which is a battle ground, which is sometimes red with violence."

She said the song derived from her thoughts surrounding Australia's mistreatment of refugees.

"We get to sit on the beach and check out the surf, whereas other are thrust into these waves in terrifying chaos - I can look and feel safe. That's not everyone's reality."

The vocalist said she wants to see Australian music embrace more diversity.

"The stage is a powerful medium (and) I don't think it should be reserved for only a certain kind of sound, demographic, class, person etc," Kodi said.

"I have been studying women's representation in music and a lot needs to change."

"It's not cool the have an all make, all white, all straight line up. Who experience is that reflecting? It's only one voice."

"I think audiences deserve more and that the industry can do better."

Ladyslug fans can catch them next weekend at the Mullum Music Festival, where they will debut their new song.

"It came from a little piano riff I was playing around with... so we started jamming it and together we turned it into a song."

Kodi said she is extremely excited to be coming back to the festival for the second year in a row.

"I am so looking forward to being among the colour and energy of Mullumbimby, there is no place quite like it."

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