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Kourtney Kardashian would be "so happy" if show ended

KOURTNEY Kardashian thinks she would be "so happy" if 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' ended.

The 37-year-old reality star - who has children Mason, six, Penelope, four, and Reign, 20 months, with ex-partner Scott Disick - admits every time a season of the show draws to a close, she thinks she's "had enough", but after a brief break, she's usually ready for filming to resume.

She said: "I don't want the show to end, but I sometimes think I would be so happy if it did and I could just move away from it all,' Kourtney says. 'By the end of every season I've had enough, but then once we have had a break I'm ready for more."

Kourtney initially didn't want her kids to be filmed for the show, but quickly discovered that was too restrictive for the youngsters, so she is thankful the crew are always "respectful" and ensure they have plenty of quality time together away from the cameras.

She told You magazine: "I wanted the children to feel free to run about where they wanted - it's their home, after all - so it was easier to let them. They have known the crew all their lives and the team are very respectful about leaving at 6pm, when I like to have family time."

And the brunette beauty loves the "wonderful and peaceful" evening routine she has with the children.

She said: "For me, the moment I relax is when I take off my make-up.

"That means I'm back in my mum role. We eat together - I don't cook very often, we have someone who prepares our food - then it's bath time and stories. We all snuggle together; first we read the baby books and then we move on to the other books. It's so wonderful and peaceful."

And though she and Scott are no longer together, Kourtney insists there are no difficulties raising their children between them.

She said: "I find co-parenting really easy.

"Scott and I communicate all the time. You have to keep discussing what's going on because as the children grow older, the rules need to be renegotiated. We make sure we go on days out together because the kids love it, but it's really hard when you're at the zoo and there are cameras in your face all day."

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