North Korea threat has families concerned

IMAGES of the North Korean army preparing for conflict and talk of nuclear missile launches have some Toowoomba residents gravely concerned for their loved ones living in South Korea.

Intense media coverage of the military brinkmanship was a cause of genuine concern for Boaz Korean and Japanese Food owner Soyeon Woo.

Mrs Woo has lived in Toowoomba for about a decade, but still has a younger sister living in Seoul.

She said her parents, who live in Australia, are also worried and had decided to delay travel plans to the peninsula until tensions had settled.

However, her fears were greater than the concerns of her sister living in Seoul.

"She said it is really nothing happening," Mrs Woo said.

"It is a bit funny because I can feel it (worry) a bit more than they do.

Mrs Woo said her sister reported life was going on as normal.

"I'm just a little bit concerned from Australian news rather than Korean news."

It was similar case for Toowoomba woman Hyeong Bin Seo.

The 24-year-old said she spoke with her Korean-based brother and parents on a daily basis.

She said she was aware of the nuclear threats coming from North Korea.

"At first he (my brother) said it was a little bit serious but he doesn't seem too worried about it now," Mrs Bin Seo said.

"My parents are living right in front of the sea and if there are sudden fireworks or something they are worried."

Time line

April 5: North Korea moves a medium-range missile to its east coast, according to South Korean government officials.

April 2: The United States positions a destroyer capable of shooting down missiles off the North Korean coast.

March 30: North Korea declares a 'state of war' with South Korea, and warns Seoul and Washington that any provocation will be met with retaliation. The United States said it would take the threat seriously, while South Korea dismissed the claims as renewed posturing.

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