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Kingfisha – it's worth the wait

IF someone had told Kingfisha frontman Anthony Forrest that it would take the band five years to release its first album, he would have told them they were crazy.

The timeframe was an unconventional approach, but one Forrest wouldn't change at all.

The Brisbane-based reggae/dub band has steadily built a devoted fan base from its extensive touring and performances at leading Australian and New Zealand venues.

For five years these dynamic performances were almost like teasing the audience, but clichés aside, the debut self-titled offering is well worth the wait and the positive response and reviews have surpassed Forrest's expectations.

"There were a few factors behind why we waited," he said.

"The first was money, the second the songs and the third was finding the right person to do it.

"We are all quite perfectionists and we waited to make sure the first album we put out we were completely happy with."

Originally, the band planned to produce the album itself but it wasn't quite working so the members recruited the help of Paulie B who has previously worked with The Beautiful Girls and George.

"It was great to have that external input with no attachment to the band but who we trusted completely and just 'got us'," Forrest said.

"He has such a great knowledge of music and managed to get the best out of each of us.

"The great thing about the album taking this long is we have been able to develop our sound.

"It has worked really well and we've done an album we are really proud of."

With a fusion of Jamaican rhythms, strong melodies and grooves with overdubs the band plays, the group categorises itself as Australian reggae but this wasn't always Forrest's genre of choice.

"In high school I was really into grunge and rock and roll. It was only in the last 10 years I got into dub pretty heavily and just loved it."

And while the band took its time releasing the first album, you can expect a much shorter wait the second time around.

"We are keen to start writing again.

"After the tour we'll work on some tracks and hopefully get an album out within two years but if we put that pressure on ourselves it probably won't be as good," he says with a laugh.

"Hopefully, we can put out something we are proud of," Forrest said.

"That's all a band can really hope for."

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