Kimi Raikkonen's awkward podium moment

THE 2017 Monaco Grand Prix has wrapped up with Ferrari ending a 16-year drought in Monte Carlo.

Sebastian Vettel overtook Kimi Raikkonen early on in the pits but the Finn was able to hold onto second to give the red racing unit their first one-two podium since 2010.

Australia's Daniel Ricciardo snagged a spot on the podium after a rough start to the weekend, while Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton climbed to finish seventh after a series of his own qualifying woes.

Awkward photo sums up Ferrari's trip to Monaco

Yep, this was as awkward as it looks.
Yep, this was as awkward as it looks. Supplied

Kimi Raikkonen wasn't a happy man on the podium.

The veteran Ferrari looked set to take home a victory after snagging pole position on one of the most unfriendly overtaking tracks on the circuit. The 37-year-old started the race flawlessly and looked to be taking home a nice piece of silverware, but that was before Sebastian Vettel stepped up to the plate.

The younger Ferrari trumped Kimi in the pits, jumping ahead into first place midway through the map, snuffing the Finn's chances at a win out in one fell swoop.

It was never going to be pleasant for the pair to stand together on the podium, but Raikkonen took the awkwardness to another level.

Kimi stood unimpressed as Vettel laughed on the podium and then unenthusiastically shook his bottle of oversized champagne alongside an elated Daniel Ricciardo (who placed third) and the victor.

"It's still second place but it doesn't feel awfully good. It's one of those days where you wish you'd led a bit more," he said after the ceremony.

Vettel was suitably impressed with his victory.

"It feels unbelievable," he told Sky Sports. "It was a very intense race. I hoped to have a better launch at the start and I had to be patient. The tyres started to slide in the first stint and the pack were catching up a bit but then I had a second attempt and had a couple of laps where the car was really good.

"I was able to use that window to come ahead and after that I could control the race."

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