Karen Menheere of Neat ‘n Sweet helps babyboomer Anne with her relocation.
Karen Menheere of Neat ‘n Sweet helps babyboomer Anne with her relocation. Kari Bourne

Professional mover here to help

THE mere thought of packing up everything in my house and moving sends a shiver of terror through me. The task would seem overwhelming as I stared in panic between the pile of empty boxes and the contents of my household.

I am not alone in this anxiety.

According to psychologists, moving house ranks as one of the most stressful life events. It’s right up there with divorce, retrenchment and the death of a spouse.

This is where Karen Menheere can help.

The woman is like a packing superhero who can swoop in and help you through all aspects of the daunting task.

While several professional organiser services are available on the Sunshine Coast, Karen’s business Neat ‘n Sweet is unique.

Her speciality is helping older community members downsize their homes and move to smaller residences or perhaps a retirement home.

“I want to help people that maybe can’t do it themselves,” she said. “They may be old and frail or don’t have anybody that can help them with something like this or are just overwhelmed by the process.”

With a passion for organisation, cleaning and order, Karen was a natural in transforming her ability into a business.

“It’s a heart thing for me,” she said. “It’s about giving back to people that have done so much for society. It’s about making it as easy as they want it to be.”

Karen can help with all aspects of moving – from packing and clearing clutter to cleaning and unpacking in the new location.

“People often look around and think there’s so much to do and don’t know where to begin,” she said. Her advice is to break the job down into steps so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

“Start with a room that you don’t use,” she advised.

“Don’t get too daunted by the big picture.”

While maintaining a clean and clutter-free home can at times seem like an arduous task, for Karen it comes naturally, sometimes to the annoyance of her kids.

“I’m not obsessive but I could never be messy,” she said.

“Everyone just feels better when the house is clean.”

She said the key to keeping your house clutter-free was to try and take the sentimentally out of things and to keep the room functional. She doesn’t like to have objects scattered around the room that simply look good, but rather she likes things to have a purpose.

“I still have sentimental things – for example, I have photos on the wall, but I have them all on a big photo board rather than lots of frames around the place,” she said.

Karen said people often had an emotional attachment to items and refused to throw them out.

“It’s a fear of letting go,” she said.

“I’ve seen people hold on to kid’s clothes years after they’ve decided to not have any more kids.

“That’s when it’s time to ask yourself do you really need this? Why are you still holding on to it?”

While no one can tell you when it’s time to let go of something sentimental, Karen said most clients were receptive to suggestions.

“There’s no right or wrong,” she said. “I can simply help with the decisions.”

Karen can help you in all aspects of moving, getting organised or downsizing on the Sunshine Coast. She will be away for most of May but would love to help you on her return. Contact her on 0400 183 424.

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