Justine Jones
Justine Jones

Jones's sister 'freaked out' by accused's behaviour

THE clinically clean bedroom, missing possessions and a lack of usually busy Facebook activity had Jackie Jones "hell freaked out".

The sister of murder victim Justine Jones told Brisbane Supreme Court she had texted Richard Coburn those words after learning he was the last person seen with her on the third State of Origin night in 2010.

She said Mr Coburn tried to point the finger at another beau, Nathan Lacey, whom Justine had been dating.

"Her room smelt heavily of cleaning products, it was stripped - nothing on the mattress," she said.

"It seemed very empty ... it didn't look right."

Mr Coburn is facing trial after pleading not guilty to killing Justine and dumping her body in a wheelie bin.

Her body was found at the Nambour tip a week after she went missing.

After she went missing, her sister read two love letters showing Mr Coburn's "infatuation" with Justine.

In them, Mr Coburn told Justine "I want to spend the rest of my life with you … you are my world".

He told her he wanted them to live together and he would call her non-stop.

In another letter, he told her he missed her and thought about her "all the time".

"I love you and always will," he wrote.

"I understand you don't want a relationship but I'm prepared to wait."

Under questioning from Mr Coburn's barrister, Ms Jones conceded her sister previously had marijuana problems and that she was using ecstasy and amphetamines before her death.

When asked if Justine was addicted to alcohol, Jackie said: "Addiction is a strong word but I did think she was dependant on it".

The trial continues.



AUGUST 9, 2009: Police and ambulance called to Alkira St, Maroochydore, about 8pm. Richard and Justine had been drinking all day and fought over her driving his Holden Commodore. He punched and smashed the driver's window. She drove off with his arm still inside. She had a 0.215% BAC. Justine said they were "kind of in a relationship" but no domestic violence order issued.

OCTOBER 13, 2009: Police called to Neerim Dve, Mooloolaba, about 10.20pm. Justine claimed Richard had tried to choke her after they had been drinking. Police saw red marks on both their arms but no marks on her neck. Richard claimed she had accused him of cheating and slapped him so he pushed her in self-defence. He told police "we will always be together". She said they had casual sex.

DECEMBER 16, 2009: A shirtless Justine phones police from a phone box and then huddles in bushes. Police take her to Richard's unit where she had been living for two weeks and find her clothes strewn across the yard and her suitcase hidden. She claimed she tried to leave and he assaulted her, ripping her shirt off in the process.

JANUARY 3, 2010: Police called to glassing injury. Richard says Justine fell on a glass coffee table while dancing but police cannot see any broken glass. Justine tells a paramedic Richard threw a schooner glass at her because he did not want her to leave. Results in 24 stitches to her shoulder blade. Richard signs domestic violence order conditions including a non-contact clause. He is released at 5.25am. Soon after, Justine says she wakes to find Richard standing over her. She says he throws her wallet and keys outside. He says he collects his wallet and keys. She and flatmate Naomi White then allege he is yelling and banging on doors. They notice the window to Justine's bedroom is open and the flyscreen missing. Richard is charged with breaching DVO.

JULY 7, 2010: Richard and Justine seen drinking together for the third State of Origin match. Justine is never seen again.

JULY 24, 2013: Crown prosecutor David Meredith tells a jury these past domestic violence incidents were relevant to the nature of the relationship and Richard's attitude to Justine.

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