Justin Bieber on the 'meaning' of life

The 22-year-old singer reached out to his 73.6 million followers to offer some words of wisdom on how to live life to full with no explanation for what prompted him to "ponder" on the meaning of life.

In a lengthy note posted on his Instagram account on Monday (04.07.16), he wrote: "It's crazy how some people don't even question or ponder the reason for their existence and are ok going through the motions. We don't live to die. We have purpose and meaning! Step out of your comfort zone and challenge your friends by asking those tough questions. Like what do you think the meaning of life is? What do you think your purpose is? (sic)"

The 'Sorry' hitmaker also added that while he thinks it's important to open up and talk about having a purpose with friends and family that doesn't mean you have to have the same beliefs and values as him.

He continued: "I'm not saying you have to believe the same thing I believe but at least have the discussion ... sometimes it can be scary opening yourself up to what can come from those conversations , and I think it can be easier sometimes to just avoid and not think about! But I think it's worth it (sic)."

Bieber is making a regular habit out of voicing his thoughts on social media.

Just last week, he shared: "I'd rather be lonely than to hang out with just anyone to not feel lonely. They have to be awesome or I'm Netflix and chill (sic)."

And he also spoke of how he doesn't always "feel God's presence" on the photo-sharing app.

He wrote: "I don't always feel god's presence, I feel it may be human distractions or maybe I'm letting lies detour me from accessing it. Regardless it doesn't stop me from seeking. Although it is frustrating I'm reminded that relationships take work, even with God! (sic)"

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