THEY were told it was not a re-enactment of Daniel Morcombe's final moments.

But the 15 jurors tasked with determining whether Brett Peter Cowan's confession to undercover police was true or false have now traced the steps he claimed he took on that fateful day in 2003.

The 15 people, including three reserve jurors who may not be part of final deliberations, drove down the end of Kings Road on Tuesday to the "secluded" spot where a demountable house once sat under the shade of a mango tree.

They would have walked to the cliff at the old sand mining site on the lot next door before clambering down through dense bushland to site where 17 bones, which DNA evidence has proven belong to Daniel, were found.

Justice Ros Atkinson warned jurors on Monday that there would be difficult terrain and they should not do anything dangerous.

"I might point out to you a couple of places on the map but I will try to do that in a safe spot," she said.

"We're not going down there to re-enact anything or to gather evidence.

"It's just so you can have a good look at it so you understand the evidence that's been led.

"The one thing I want to stress to you is it's not the same.

"Nothing will be the same as 2003 or 2011 so make sure you don't put what you see as evidence instead of what you've heard and seen during the trial."

The jury also inspected the abduction site on the Nambour Connection Road at Woombye where Daniel was waiting for a bus about 2pm on December 7, 2003.

"When we go to under the overpass, there's a memorial there to Daniel Morcombe so that might be a bit stressful for you. But, of course, that's not evidence, that wasn't there in 2003, which is what we're concerned about happened," Justice Atkinson said.

"But it's to give you some idea of what it looked like and what it looks like and where everything is in relation to it.

"Because although you've seen photographs and maps, just physically sometimes going there and having a look gives a much better idea of what it looks like."

Justice Atkinson told the jurors they should wear insect repellent, sunscreen and take a hat and umbrella.

"We won't be dressed like this (referring to her robes), I'll be wearing jeans and boots," she said.

"Mr Cash has warned me there is man-eating mosquitoes so bring insect repellent."

The media was not allowed to be present for the site view and was not allowed to report it happened until after it occurred.

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