Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team to target predators

STATE and federal police will pool resources to target criminals who prey on children, with the creation of a new Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team.

An agreement signed on Wednesday coincided with the AFP's announcement of its new ThinkUKnow cyber safety program in New South Wales.

In NSW, the new squad will allow federal and state police to rapidly share intelligence to streamline their response to suspected child sexual abuse.

Deputy Premier Troy Grant said the increased co-operation would send a message that crimes against children would not be tolerated in NSW.

"There is no crime more abhorrent than the exploitation and abuse of children," he said.

"The community expects government and the judiciary to stand up for the protection of children and deter child abuse by sending a strong message to perpetrators that such crimes are simply unacceptable."

The joint team will work to identify organised networks involved in the procurement and grooming of our children.

Similar partnerships will continue to be rolled out to other states in coming months.


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