‘Jealousy’ fuels teen to stomp girlfriend’s head


A TEENAGER stomped on his girlfriend's head and punched her in the stomach in two separate attacks during the pair's on-and-off relationship.

The 19-year-old, who cannot be named in order to protect the girl, also performed sex acts with the girl while she was under 16.

He pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday to three counts of common assault and two counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16.

The teen stomped on his girlfriend’s head.
The teen stomped on his girlfriend’s head.

Crown prosecutor Jessica Guy said after the pair broke up in March last year, the man tracked her down in Surfers Paradise to apologise and try to get back together with her.

He grabbed the girl, upset and crying, by the arm and tried to force her into his car.

She resisted and punched him in the genitalia.

Ms Guy said the man retaliated by punching her in the stomach, pulling her by the hair and striking her in the chest to put her in the car.

The court was told in January this year the girl was staying at the man's home when they began to argue about money and he called her a "b****".

"He kicked out and stomped on the side of her head causing immediate pain," Ms Guy said.

She said the girl tried to leave but the man blocked her way.

He also punched her in the stomach.
He also punched her in the stomach.

The pair began their relationship in high school and continued after the man graduated.

Defence lawyer Ashkan Tai, of Ashkan Tai Lawyers, said a psychologist had determined the acts were out of "emotional distress" and "jealousy".

"It was impulsive and driven by the emotions of an immature man who could not cope," he said.

Mr Tai said the man was "deeply ashamed and extremely sorry" for the way he acted.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair placed the man on probation for two years and ordered he complete 240 hours community service.

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