Jail for drunk and disqualified driver who rammed police

A DISQUALIFIED Nimbin learner driver who ran over a police officer's foot and rammed an unmarked police car in a drunken attempt to evade capture has been sentenced to at least 12 months in jail.

On Wednesday morning March 15 this year officers from the Richmond Highway Patrol attempted to pull over Uiil Jansen's Mitsubishi hatchback on Kyogle Rd at Tuncester, but instead of stopping he accelerated towards Lismore, forcing them to launch a high speed chase.

Jansen, 31, was already facing charges of disqualified driving and drink driving which occurred the day before after he was pulled over while driving through a suburban Kyogle St.

When asked to produce his licence, Jansen told the officer "I don't have it on me".

He then gave the officer a fake name before admitting he lied because his licence was suspended, and a subsequent check revealed he was a former learner driver who had been disqualified from driving since December 2013.

The officer breath tested Jansen, arrested him, and took him to Kyogle Police Station, where a breath test returned a reading of 0.021.

Jansen admitted to drinking a schooner of vodka, water and cordial at about 11am that day. He was charged with disqualified driving and special category drink driving, as well as giving a false name to police.

The next day when police spotted the same light blue Mitsubishi cruising towards Lismore on Kyogle Rd in a 100kmh zone, they immediately moved to intercept the vehicle.

But Jansen accelerated away and the officers were soon forced to terminate the chase just outside the Lismore city limits due to safety concerns.

However within minutes a witness reported Jansen driving into the South Lismore Hotel bottle shop and police converged on the premises and approached Jansen's vehicle.

Instead of surrendering, Jansen revved his engine and reversed out of the bottle shop at high speed, running over an officer's foot. Staff also had to take evasive action to avoid being seriously injured.

Police launched a second pursuit north along Union St and into North Lismore where Jansen reached speeds of more than 100kmh in the 50kmh zone.

Again police terminated the pursuit due to safety concerns.

Less than 30 minutes later plainclothes police spotted Jansen's car on Koonorigan Rd while patrolling The Channon area in an unmarked car.

After they pulled him over and walked towards the accused, he revved his engine and reversed aggressively toward police several times, forcing officers to take evasive action.

Jansen continued to reverse and attempt to ram the unmarked car before speeding west along Koonorigan Rd toward Nimbin Rd.

Police deployed road spikes at the Koonorigan Bridge near Nimbin Rd in an attempt to stop Jansen's escape.

Jansen did stop at the bridge, but he reversed at police, ramming into the front of the unmarked car, before driving over the road spikes.

But after driving another 6-8km along Nimbin Rd his car had a mechanical failure and he was arrested.

A breath test at Lismore Police Station returned a 0.14 reading.

In Lismore Local Court on Tuesday this week, Jansen was convicted of three counts of police pursuit not stop drive recklessly, using an offensive weapon to prevent lawful detention, threaten injury to person with intent to prevent lawful detention.

He was also convicted for disqualified driving - second offence, driving with special range PCA, and stating a false name.

He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, with a non-parole period of 12 months. With time served he will be eligible for parole on March 14, 2018.

Upon his release Jansen will be disqualified from driving for two years.

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