Rebel Wilson, left, and Anna Camp in a scene from the movie Pitch Perfect.
Rebel Wilson, left, and Anna Camp in a scene from the movie Pitch Perfect. Contributed - UPI Media website

Rebel Wilson's new movie is pitched perfectly

AUSSIE funny woman Rebel Wilson's movie career is going from strength to strength.

She's Hollywood's current go-to woman for quirky characters in films like Bridesmaids, Bachelorette and What To Expect When You're Expecting.

Her latest role as Fat Amy in musical comedy Pitch Perfect sees Wilson showing off her vocal and dancing abilities as a member of all-girl a cappella group The Bellas.


Q: Tell us about your Pitch Perfect audition.

A: I auditioned for the role and sang Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory doing my own body percussion to accompany myself. Then Jason Moore, who is a huge Broadway director, said "Wow, you have a really great voice".


Q: How did you prepare for this role?

A: I did a lot of research and met Mickey Rapkin, who wrote the book. I also had the help of a vocal coach to hit some of the high notes.


Q: What did you know about the world of college singing competitions before getting involved in this movie?

A: In high school, I was actually in an a cappella all-girl group called 12 Voices, as there were 12 people in it. We weren't allowed to do much choreography. We looked pretty uncool just standing there and singing our parts very seriously. I used that experience as my inspiration.


Q: How do you see your character, Fat Amy?

A: Fat Amy is a pretty confident girl. She is a little bit of an instigator within her group, but at the same time, is very loyal to them. I think she fits in well with the rest of the girls. I believe my character is their confidante. They tell her their dark secrets because she is the type of girl you'd want to be friends with and also tell secrets to. Even though she can cause some trouble, Fat Amy is a team player and really wants the group to do well.


Q: How much improvising went on during filming?

A: Quite a bit. It's tricky to remember lines exactly as they are written. I enjoyed doing it with my real Australian voice, which is always easier because you don't have to think about the accent. I believe it works in the movie and makes my character really distinctive.


Q: What can you say about your co-star Anna Kendrick?

A: First of all, Anna is a brilliant singer. When you hear her you just ask yourself, "Who is that angel?" Anna has been nominated for a Tony and is probably the most Broadway-experienced performer of our cast. On set, she is a complete professional.


Pitch Perfect opens on Thursday.

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