It's croquet, but not as we know it

CROQUET, the game of balls, mallets and hoops played on immaculate lawns, has undergone a quiet revolution in recent years.

The original and traditional game, referred to as association croquet, is still played but since the introduction of golf croquet and more recently ricochet croquet, interest in the sport has increased.

All three forms are played each week on lawns around the district including the Ballina Cherry Street Croquet Club.

"Association and ricochet games can be singles or doubles, with a player solo until their turn changes," club publicity officer Faye Duncan said.

"In golf croquet, all players are on the lawn at the same time with one hit each taken in turn.

"It too can be played as singles or doubles.

"Each game is tactical, with ball roqueting skills, but not physically challenging, proving popular when other sports become difficult to continue.

"With new forms of the game, club membership is growing."

The Ballina Cherry Street club is back into its regular days of play after hosting the Northern Rivers association and ricochet tournament in September.

The lawns were then out of action for maintenance.


Ballina Cherry Street Croquet Club days of play:

Golf croquet: Thursday and Sunday afternoons, phone Jan 66868784

Ricochet croquet: Tuesday and Sunday mornings, phone Pam 66815994

Association croquet: Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings, phone Leonie 66871453

Monday afternoons are being introduced to brush up on tactics and game rules

Coaching is available for all forms of the game

General inquiries to club secretary Jan Copeland on 66868784

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