Kyogle mayor Danielle Mulholland.
Kyogle mayor Danielle Mulholland.

‘It’s a shocker’: Council seeks $33M for major road fix

KYOGLE Council staff will break a funding application for Clarence Way into three sections, in the hope this may make it easier to secure urgent repairs on at least part of the road.

Mayor Danielle Mulholland said the council had submitted a $33 million application for much-needed works between the Bruxner Highway and Urbenville.

The federal government has committed $2 million for the section between Urbenville and Woodenbong and the council was throwing in $3 million, she said.

Cr Mulholland recently posted impassioned thoughts on social media, frustrated the regions were left behind while the state government will spend $3 billion on a Sydney tunnel.

She told The Northern Star the Clarence Way was in dire need of attention.

"What I've asked the staff to do to is break (the application) down into three component parts.

"That particular road is classified as a regional road," she said.

"It's very hard to find funding opportunities under which we can apply for a grant for that particular road.

Cr Mulholland said she'd been lobbying for the road to be fixed for the past eight years, and the council was calling for help before that.

"I'm just out of patience," she said.

"It breaks my heart because we have an ageing population in those villages with all the associated medical issues that come with getting older."

Those residents have to travel on a "horrendous" road to access medical care, she said.

She said the council had also received funding for the southern part of Clarence Way, in Tabulam and that section is sealed and "good to go".

But the stretch that passed through Bonalbo and Old Bonalbo, toward Urbenville, is in poor condition.

"It's a shocker, it really is.

"I think the community and council are working well together; the community has started writing letters to the Minister and I think that's very valuable in terms of letting the Minister know why this road is a particular concern.

"I'm hoping that's going to get the message across."

Like the mayor, Janelle Saffin said she has been frequently sent photos of potholes riddling the road.

"I want all the money upfront," Ms Saffin said.

"We deserve it, given all the money spent in Sydney."

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