Isis attack on Toowoomba a 'sick hacking attempt'

The fake story circulating online.
The fake story circulating online. Contributed

REPORTS that terrorist group ISIS attacked Toowoomba leaving seven people dead have been labelled a sick hacking attempt.

Published under the sensational headline "ISIS attacks in Toowoomba kills 7" the fake article claims a suicide attack took place in the city.

"They used six suicide vehicles followed by a commando of fighters wearing explosive belts," an unidentified military source is quoted telling police.

The article then outlines how the fighters managed to take control of a "base".

"The army had to pull out because it suffered casualties... our forces have since counter-attacked and retaken control, with aerial coalition backing," the source continues.

The report then states local police were working to clear Toowoomba of explosives and break up pockets of resistance.

"About 700 ISIS fighters were thought to be hiding in the city," it states.

A number of similar articles are posted on the website's domain at

The article appears to be based on a real article published by the New York Times entitled "ISIS Claims Assault That Killed 7 Near Pakistani Consulate in Afghanistan".

Online watchdog Hoax-slayer said online "news" reports claimed a number of people had been killed in ISIS attacks in various US locations

"The claims in the reports are untrue.

"No ISIS attacks have occurred in the locations mentioned.

"The reports come from a scam website that attempts to trick people into visiting sites that contain rogue antivirus software, malware plugins, or other nasties.

"Similar fake reports have falsely claimed that ISIS attacks have taken place in various Australian and UK locations. If you see one of these messages, do not click on any links that it contains."

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The story was posted on Toowoomba Facebook pages by Sophio Baramia, who reportedly studied at Tbilsi State University and lives in Toowoomba.

She was unable to be contacted.

Toowoomba residents were quick to label it a malware scam, with Karen Murray warning others the article could infect computers with viruses.

Darling Downs Detective Inspector Dave Isherwood rubbished the reports and said police had received no intelligence relating to any terrorist-related activity in the region.

"There has been no intel received by police to suggest this is true," he said.

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