Leanne Elizabeth Jordan, 54, faced Mackay Magistrates Court pleaded guilty to public nuisance,
Leanne Elizabeth Jordan, 54, faced Mackay Magistrates Court pleaded guilty to public nuisance, Pexels

Is this woman vying for the title of worst neighbour ever?

A SOUTH Mackay woman appears to be vying for the title of worst neighbour ever.

Leanne Elizabeth Jordan's next door neighbour got quite a shock on February 28, when she discovered the 54-year-old wandering aimlessly through her kitchen.

Come April 27, Jordan could be found in a public path at the back of their South Mackay units, screaming abuse at the woman for no particular reason.

Jordan, who had been very drunk, couldn't remember much of either incident, Mackay Magistrates Court was told on Thursday.

She faced the court pleading guilty to being in a dwelling without an excuse and public nuisance following her unusual behaviour.

Jordan also confessed to possessing a small amount of methamphetamine (ice), failing to dispose of a syringe, shoplifting (stole $122 of cosmetics from Myer) and failing to appear for court between February 22 and June 19.

Prosecutor Anna Ellis said on February 28 the woman living next door to Jordan left to visit a friend, leaving her door closed, but not locked.

"She was away for a short period of time and returned to find the front door was wide open," she said.

"She entered the address and observed an intoxicated female person standing in her kitchen.

"The complainant has asked the defendant what she was doing and the defendant replied with 'are you okay?'."

The woman asked Jordan - who she recognised - to leave and Jordan trotted next door, with no explanation why she had been in the home.

When arrested by police, Jordan told them she'd downed a bottle of wine and had been "pretty drunk".

"The next day she was walking past the victim's unit and (said) that the victim yelled at her, but she does not know why," Ms Ellis said.

If the neighbour hadn't already questioned her unfortunate choice of residence, she probably would have been come April 27.

Jordan verbally abused the same neighbour while drunk, calling her a "dumb c**t" and threatening to "cave your f**king head in", Ms Ellis said.

Defence solicitor Chris Colwill, of BC&A Solicitors, said Jordan had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had issues with alcohol.

He said his client had been "in and out of the system", making attempts to get help, but had stopped treatment for a time, prompting some of the incidents.

Jordan was adamant she didn't do drugs, blaming the ice and syringe which were found on friends who had been visiting.

Magistrate Nerida Wilson described Jordan as "no stranger" to the legal system, but said it was clear support was needed, rather than outright punishment.

"It might be that people tell me you're getting too old, too long in the tooth for that (probation), given your criminal history," she said.

"But I want you to have this opportunity ... "

Jordan was sentenced to probation for nine months, and she'll have to undergo various sessions and substance testing.

Convictions were recorded.

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