Venus and Mars are Zane Jackson and Fallon Hudson.
Venus and Mars are Zane Jackson and Fallon Hudson.

No good being a bad boy

Venus is Fallon Hudson

I am not sure I would want to have sex with an impulsive, Freud-like character who is into sex in restrooms and will tell you anything just to get you into the sack.

To me the appeal of the bad boy is out along with an armful of tattoos.  I like men like my wine - a clean skin.

Personally, I have never understood the bad boy image and how it makes women fall weak at the knees.

I feel taht women like the image of a bloke who rides a motorcycle, but underneath the leather jacket and the helmet, women just want a man who will treat them right.

Take ultimate bad boy Todd Carney.

There is no way in hell I would want to go on a date with him, let alone share a bed with him.

I am sure many women would agree with me on this one and I think Channel 7 presenter Liz Cantor is waking up to it too - there is a reason he plays for the Roosters.

There would come a time when all the misdemeanours and antics would become too much and bailing them out of vain acts of stupidity and bad behaviour after a big night out would become tiresome.

The reason why some men get more sex than others is because they are confident and a smooth talker, not because they are a stunte double for the Crusty Demons.

When it comes to sex, it is better to be safe.

Mars is Zane Jackson

It's a fact. Bad boys get more sex than us nice guys.

All that polite stuff you do when dating or flirting – holding the door open, shouting dinners, pretending to listen – counts for zilch.

A study published in the New Scientist magazine found men with antisocial personality traits are more likely to have a prolific sex life.

The researchers said those antisocial traits included impulsiveness, narcissism, thrill-seeking and deceitfulness.

So to sum it up, if you guys want to pull the ladies, all you have to do is be a vain pleasure-seeker who lies to others and makes reckless decisions.

That pretty much means you act like Shane Warne. And therein lies my point. How is it that a bloke like Shane, a cashed-up bogan womaniser, was able to snare someone of the calibre of Liz Hurley?

I once asked a female colleague what the attraction was to bad boys, and her response was that some women are drawn to their danger – and she was one of them.

Which is hogwash really, because if she or other women wanted real danger, they'd date outlaw motorbike gang members, international arms dealers or Danish cartoonists – the really bad boys.

But most don't and never will. So maybe there is hope for most of us guys yet.

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