Is it ever okay to talk on your mobile while being served?

RESIDENTS have debated whether it's ever okay to talk on a mobile phone while being served at shops.

Most agreed using your mobile phone while being served is rude after Andergrove store Lucky 7 were forced to hang signs informing customers they won't be served while talking on their mobile phone.

Some customer service assistants even said they've ignored customers on their phone.

Mitch Coles: I think it is rude also, but on the other hand how would business react if customers refused service from rude employees?? There are plenty of them around

Ryan Graham: If customers refused service then they would only be screwing themselves now wouldnt they

Tracey Albano: I don't accept rude service from business employees, no one should and talking on the phone is definitely rude. Finish your conversation, hang up, then step up to be served.

Jessica Jackson-Gee: I don't accept rude service. I will take my business elsewhere!

Simon Collie: Aren't there enough complaints about rude customer service people that's why the have the right of refusal. Don't be rude get off ya phone. When cashiers are on the phone even if for work purposes people sook about it so why shouldn't it go the other way round

Mitch Coles: No one is arguing that being on a phone isn't rude

Peggie Radel: I'd say there are rude customers as well, not just customer service

Melanie Cameron-Arthur: I agree with Peggie... Some customers you say hello to and they don't even answer you, Throw the money on the counter and walk out. It definitely goes both ways.

Tracey Albano: If you're in the middle of being served, there's no reason why you can't ignore the call then call back when you're finished being served. If you're on the phone waiting to be served, finish your call first.

Unless it's a life threatening emergency it can wait a couple of minutes. No one wants to hear your conversations either.

The worst are people putting their phone on speaker in a public place.

Ilona Dey-Murry: I just ignored customers on the phone and asked 'who is next?' Person on phone often jumped in and said 'I am!' To which I would reply 'I don't want to interrupt your obviously important call so when your finished I'll be happy to serve you'. You should have seen their faces.

Jack Thompson: Yeah let's live in a town that struggles for work and money as is, to the point where we can complain that we don't get enough business, only to turn away people on there phones because you find it rude.

Bryan Falwasser: It's common decency, I won't serve you if your on the phone. How would you feel if while serving you I started talking on my phone. Most of our customers will say to serve someone else if they have to take a call

Mary Browne: Bit like when I went into a local store last week.... got served, after about 1/2 minute the phone rang, so the shop assistant answered the phone. Another customer came in, I got ignored. The person serving me got off the phone, and I asked if he was going to answer the phone again, and he said yes that he has to answer the phone, and that I have to wait... that is store policy. .......rude!

Carmen Casey: I was so over it..that I posted this at work! Makes me mad, but i feel its a judge of character! The world has become so self centred.

Damian Muhlhan: I've been here in Mackay for 40 years and found that most times when I walked into a shop no one served you regardless of what you had in your ear.

Jessica Jackson-Gee: I always do this. Not rudely. I politely say i will serve them once off the phone. Is it too much to ask for some common courtesy. People skills are lacking because people dont look up from their phone!

Jaylene Johns: One customer gave me the hand in my face when I asked if he had fuel. He wanted me to whisper to him. Didn't happen.

Also I've had checkout operators look at me but when my phone rings like the world is going to end because I don't answer it . There is always the option to call them back. :0

Scotty Vella: And that's the best shop in the area! Staff are always polite, so why can't the customers show the same respect.

Dion Mayne: Do customers get a discount when people behind the desk are on their phones talking socially?

Richard Tedeschi: Mackay would be more prosperous if businesses returned your calls

Jai Peach: What about the people that serve the customers while on the phone? Do we refuse to pay? Didn't think so

Lee-Sah Hochart: I hated it when I served customers on the phone, it's just plain rude.

Tamara Rettke: Yep! I won't serve you if you're on your phone and I wouldn't even go to a counter or register and expect to be served if I were on mine! Common courtesy folks

Danielle Jesser: I don't see the issue - as long as I stop talking to place the order and do transaction it's not a shop assistant's business.

Simon Collie: Should be more of it. People are rude when on the phone so I agree with people having to get off the phone to be served.

Ainslee Steigenberger I refuse to serve someone on their phone....its just rude

Richard Tedeschi: It's no difference when you phone to ring an order they answer put you on hold until you buy it online

Maureen Passey: Let it go if you are in the middle of being served in a store shop ect. It is rude to be on the phone whilst being attended to.

Daniel Leppien: Brave move from a business in the current economic climate!

Susie Griffiths: Plain and simple use your manners. It doesn't hurt and it is free...Have a nice day.

Bel Heazlewood: It's so rude !!! Woolworths an Coles should have that rule to I reckon

Rod Altmann: Gestapo people wont be going there again thanks for that info cheers.

Jess Morrison: We do the same. Its time to stand up

Fiona Mason: Wow this must be one business not hurting that can afford to be fussy

Ian Clarke: It is rude, but can you afford to lose that customer?

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