Intervention for childcare worker with abnormal sex interest

HE'S the childcare worker authorities hopefully caught just in time.

Alexander Patrick Wilson, then 20, was caught with his pants down, exposing himself to a two-year-old boy, at the Brisbane childcare centre where he worked.

A family friend of the boy found them in a laundry room, with a toilet, at the centre when she arrived to collect the child on September 18 last year.

Crown prosecutor Amelia Loode told Brisbane District Court Wilson admitted his penis was exposed but would not initially accept it was a sexual act.

He said Wilson told police he took the child to the room to maintain supervision while he went to the toilet.

But police found 373 child exploitation images - all animation or cartoon - on his iPad during a subsequent search at his home in Brisbane's south.

Wilson admitted he possessed images of male children involved in sexual acts for sexual pleasure.

Judge Julie Dick wholly suspended a 12-month jail term and ordered Wilson to complete three years of probation.

He must complete a 48-session intervention program.

"He hasn't yet satisfied any test to show that he's a pedophile or has paraphilia but those images represent the onset of abnormal sexual behaviours and interest," Judge Dick said.

"And that is why there is an intervention, because it's early onset."

Judge Dick said the offending was serious not just because of the age and vulnerability of the boy but because Wilson was working at a childcare centre in a position of trust.

She said the animated child sex abuse was illegal because it "still encourages the demand for that revolting trade".

"What you did has had a significant impact on the mother of the child. The mother I think hopes the child is too young to remember, I suspect the child is too young ... but that doesn't stop the mother from worrying about it," she said.

Barrister Peter Callaghan said his client had begun a "long-term process" to address "the real concerns raised by the circumstances of the offences".

He said Wilson had completed eight sessions of a 48-session program of professional help.

Mr Callaghan said Wilson would now be excluded from his chosen career "for all time".

The court heard Wilson, who had some intellectual and development issues, had been responsive to intervention and his family supported the treatment.

Ms Loode said the boy's mum felt guilty for putting her child in daycare and had since removed him.

She said the mum now felt uneasy leaving her son alone with men, or even being without him.

"The offending ... involves a significant breach of trust. (Wilson) was employed as a daycare worker," she said.

The boy was "particularly vulnerable. He had not yet started talking in a very expressive way and would not have been in a position to make a complaint." - ARM NEWSDESK

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