A clip from the Activewear parody
A clip from the Activewear parody

I'm going to court in my Activewear? Just do it?

THE story of a woman being dressed down by an Ipswich magistrate for wearing her gym gear at a court appearance has sparked heated debate and hilarity online.

Ipswich Magistrate Stuart Shearer lashed out at Breanna Daphney Potter when she showed up in court dressed in a Nike singlet and women's running shorts.

The 20-year-old had appeared in court to plead guilty to driving on a suspended licence and to failing to dispose of a syringe.

Some said magistrates needed to get in touch with the 'real world' and pay more attention to tougher sentencing than people's fashion.

Others said some of the dress being worn at courthouses was appalling, given defendants should be trying to make a good impression.

Breanna Daphney Potter outside Ipswich Magistrates Court.
Breanna Daphney Potter outside Ipswich Magistrates Court. Contributed

Kylie Buchanan wrote on QT's Facebook site: "Has anyone had to go to the court house? The way a lot of people (most!) are dressed is appalling!!! Thongs, no shoes, Singlets, caps backwards.... Wouldn't you want to at least try and give a decent impression of yourself if you're in trouble for something???!!!!!"

Rodney Woodford wrote: The judge should have fined her for contempt then reset the court case for a later date so she would have to come back again.

But Pauline Radunz didn't see what the fuss was about.

"Seriously? Who cares she turned up! Why dont the courts get in touch with reality and start handing down tougher sentences. Like mmmm.....never letting pedophiles out of jail because they say "I found an imaginary friend (god)" only to reoffend. How about tougher laws on murderers, rapists etc. Not what people wear to court!"

Gavin Robertson agreed:  'Clothes do not make the man.' Just another sign our courts are out of touch.

Jamie Bould added: At least she was dressed.

Others couldn't help but see the similarity between the situation and a Youtube parody around Nike's activewear.

Scotty Morrison wrote: Heading off to court in my active ware (active ware) Kelly Rachael Amanda

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