I have no idea how to just do nothing

WHAT would you do if you had heaps of time to yourself?

The question was a corker. And it struck with a sting akin to the slap across the face my mother gave me when I was 16 for calling her a rather nasty swearword.

It was a moment of rebellion, lonely on a very short list of them.

Anyway, here was I, sitting and looking my doctor in the eye and aside from a spluttered few, non-committal assertions around exercising more, getting the grey out of my hair and maybe painting my toenails, I actually had nothing.

Big. Fat. Nothing.

That's not really cool, hey.

In the current economic climate, and with times as they are, everyone is busy.

It has become more a state of mind and lifestyle than a temporary physical disposition.

And such is the level and pace; when finally we do plop ourselves down at the end of the day to chill, we end up waking up with a cricked neck, the TV still flashing and blurting, and a trickle of drool running down one's chin.

How utterly enchanting.

If I had a dollar for every time a well-meaning friend, loved-one or colleague told me how exhausted I look and how I really needed to make the effort to find some time for myself … well, I could probably pay for someone to do all the rest of the stuff for me.

The crux of it is this: I'm far from Robinson Crusoe.

And don't get me wrong. This isn't an oh-woe-is-me lament (goodness knows, aren't there enough of those on Facebook?)

The question asked of me was the cold-bucket-of-water wake-up call I needed.

So for my next trick, I'm going to make that much coveted 'me time' happen.

I'm going to find the time to focus, to be present and mindful of where I am at, what I am doing and most importantly why.

But moreover, I'm going to find time to do, and think about, absolutely nothing at all.

Because in doing nothing, I'll be better able to do something about haste and commotion in the other areas of life; and really focus on what's most important.

And what will ensue? Well. Fabulousness, of course.

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