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Hundreds allegedly filmed in Lismore public toilets

UPDATE 4.30pm: DETECTIVES have counted 61 different people so far who were allegedly filmed without their consent in a South Lismore toilet block between October last year and February this year.

Court papers reveal that another alleged victim was a Bunnings Warehouse staff member allegedly filmed in the South Lismore store's toilets on November 10 last year.

Numulgi man LLan Anthony's phone also features people in toilets in other locations around Lismore, in Queensland, and New Zealand.

Mr Anthony is facing two counts of filming person in a private act without consent to obtain sexual arousal and one count of committing an act of indecency.

One of the counts of filming without consent relates to 61 people Mr Anthony allegedly filmed between October 7 last year and February 4 this year.

Police have issued an urgent appeal to anyone who may have any information about the alleged filming.

He also facing two alternate counts of behaving in an offensive manner - one in the Union St public toilets, and another in Bunnings Warehouse - relating to the alleged offences on November 10 (Bunnings) and March 8 (Union St).

Mr Matthews also faces an additional alternate charge of filming or photographing 61 people without their consent.

The matter returns to Lismore Local Court on Monday.


ORIGINAL 2.12pm: A COURT has heard "hundreds" of people may be unwitting victims of a man who allegedly filmed and photographed people in public toilets around Lismore and beyond.

Numulgi hobby farmer Llan Anthony will remain behind bars this weekend after a court registrar refused him bail in Lismore Local Court this morning.

Mr Anthony is facing three counts of filming person in private act without consent - one aggravated - one count of commit act of indecency with person 16 years or over, and two counts of offensive behaviour in a public place.

The 44-year-old was charged after unwittingly peering at a plainclothes police officer over the cubicle wall of a South Lismore public toilet earlier this month, it is alleged.

He was arrested at a Numulgi property yesterday where he lives with his partner.

Police have since urgently appealed for people to come forward who may have information about filming in public toilets around Lismore.

In court this morning, police prosecutor Carrie-Lee Locke said "hundreds" of photos and videos of people in toilets had been found on Mr Anthony's phone.

"I'm instructed there is pictures from Queensland and other places in NSW and also in New Zealand spanning over 2017 to 2018," Ms Locke said.

"I'm instructed there is very clear evidence that the people... show no signs of knowing the defendant is filming them at the time, and in fact the videos regularly show as soon as the person looks up... the recording device is removed."

Ms Locke said one of the alleged victims was "quite traumatised" after discovering what had occurred.

The court heard Mr Anthony had a prior court matter in Byron Bay in 2011 relating to allegations that he masturbated in front of a person in a public toilet.

While the most serious charge was withdrawn, he was ultimately convicted of offensive behaviour in relation to the offence.

In a recorded police interview, Ms Locke said the accused had admitted his behaviour was for "sexual gratification".

In opposing bail, she said "the community needs to be protected".

"What conditions could you possibly impose to prevent him attending public toilets and filming people without their consent?"

Sporting a clean white t-shirt, trimmed beard with his brown hair tied in a top knot, Mr Anthony's eyes remained downcast as he sat in the dock.

Mr Anthony's solicitor Ms Ley told the court her client would agree to not go into a public place pending further mention of the matter and hand his phone over to his partner.

The court heard he had lived with his partner for the last five years and had a hobby farm in Numulgi.

The court registrar agreed Mr Anthony had "very little criminal history and had strong local community ties" but bail was ultimately refused.

"The concern at this stage... is the protection and welfare of the community at large," the registrar said.

"It would appear there are many many victims... and the fact that the offences span over quite lengthy period of time... and over several states and internationally."

"I understand there may be more charges to come.

"I don't believe there is any condition I can oppose that would negate that (risk)."

The matter returns to Lismore Local Court on Monday, March 26.

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