The 2017 model Holden Commodore will be available with a seven-year, 175,000km warranty.
The 2017 model Holden Commodore will be available with a seven-year, 175,000km warranty.

Holden offers seven-year warranty on all vehicles sold this year

LOOKING to bolster consumer confidence, Holden has extended its warranty coverage on all vehicles sold between now and the end of 2017 to seven years or 175,000km.

The seven-year period matches the industry-leading time frame set by Kia - although Kia's coverage is for unlimited kilometres.

Holden was in the spotlight last month for failing to respond to manufacturing faults and deceiving owners seeking fixes under warranty.

In an agreement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Holden "has offered an undertaking that goes beyond ensuring compliance with the current consumer guarantee obligations and commits to measures in line with recommended changes to the law”.

Since the announcement, Holden said it had begun working toward being the most customer-focussed car company in Australia.

"Usually car companies reduce prices towards the end of the year as part of a plate clearance,” said Holden's sales executive director Michael Filazzola.

"Holden already has exceptional prices right across the board. This seven-year warranty offer across Holden's range provides further tangible value to customers.

The Equinox will go on sale in December.
The Equinox will go on sale in December.

"This offer will hopefully instil confidence in those considering purchasing a Holden, and highlights our ongoing commitment to customers.

"There has simply never been a better time to buy a new Holden.”

Holden's all-new medium-sized SUV, Equinox, which goes on sale from December 1, is also eligible for the seven-year warranty.

MY17 Commodores, which have previously been exempt from retail offers, are also included in the warranty offer.

The Honda HR-V VTi.
The Honda HR-V VTi.

The promotions are coming quickly, with Honda looking to push its HR-V compact SUV during October.

Buyers this month will get three years' free scheduled servicing on all Honda HR-V new models.

The promotion will cover the cost of three services: 10,000km (or 12 months), 20,000km (or 24 months) and 30,00 km (or 36 months). Additional adaptive service items, like pollen filter and brake fluid and CVT fluid are also included. Normally a pollen filter is $44, brake fluid $54 and transmission fluid $187.

Honda says the promotion is worth $1165 in value per vehicle.

Demonstrator HR-Vs are also included, but restricted to kilometre readings of up to 2000km.

The Honda HR-V.
The Honda HR-V.

If the vehicle is sold in the prescribed period, the deal is transferable.

"With our recently announced 5-year, unlimited warranty program, and this special HR-V offer, Honda is continuing to put the customer at the centre of everything we do,” Honda Australia director Stephen Collins said.

"The HR-V is one of our top-selling models and the added value and surety of free scheduled servicing will appeal to budget-conscious buyers.

"We know the Australian compact SUV segment is one of the most competitive and we want to ensure the HR-V continues its popularity as one of the country's favourite compact SUVs.”

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