FAST AND FURIOUS: In 2019 in the Far North Coast A-grade women's hockey minor semi-final Northern Star and Coraki battles it out.
FAST AND FURIOUS: In 2019 in the Far North Coast A-grade women's hockey minor semi-final Northern Star and Coraki battles it out.

Hockey semi-finals glory begins

AN EXCITING weekend of hockey is ahead as the semi-finals commence with teams battling for the honour and the glory.

Ahead of the fast, furious and fabulous action our experts from Far North Coast Hockey, Clint Malett and Wendy Trudgeon give their views on how the games will unfold.

Men's Hockey - Clint Mallett

TWO grades and the B Men will start next week.

It's been a challenging season however there has been some great hockey despite the setbacks that COVID-19 provided.

In the early A Grade Minor semi-final, Ballina A play Ballina R - the Ballina R side have proved to be very capable and competitive in the top grade.

The Ballina Club, like others, lost some quality players because of the Queensland border closures, but Ballina A will still be too strong in this match.

Jarred Arundel and Sam Davis will test their opposition in the mid field and form the apex of the Ballina A game, while John Parker heads up Ballina R's defence and will look for his midfield and strikers from the outset.

The Major semi is a local derby between Northern Star and East Lismore with each capable of progressing to the grand final, having been even throughout the short season with every result close.

Both sides have spirited attack, skilled midfield, and very solid defence.

Star's Ryan McGuiness and James Harmon are key defenders and in great form, Mark Harris and Frost are quick and accurate upfront and will test Easts.

Easts will rely on Nick Layton who will look for Wynand Volschenk up high; Dan Riley has been superb for them in 2020 and a strong game from him will be a telling factor.

Marcus Currie and Jacob Franey are key in Easts attack and will be hoping for solid games.

Both sides have immense talent and the result could go either way.

Women's Hockey - Wendy Trudgeon

INJURIES and geography have sent the cat among the pigeons in the A Division women's hockey competition this weekend.

Northern Star and Ballina meeting in the major semis and Coraki and East Lismore in the minor.

Northern Star will be without two of their talented players Maya McGrath and Natalie Psarakis who played pivotal roles due to health and border bubble issues respectively.

Star players with a wealth of experience, include Abby Brunton in goal, Kate Marshall, Tracey Makings and Alana Albertini.

Ballina will be at full strength with a team brimming with skill, speed and experience. Leading the way will be Penny Lee in goal, Jennifer Hollier, Erica Truman and Kate Whitting in defence and Cori Hardy, Karina Perris, Hannah Franey, Billie King Venn and Abby Allsop to create scoring opportunities.

Coraki will miss Renee Dunstan playing the sweepers role, but with a broken thumb needing surgery, her season is over, but will rely on Gray sisters, Jade and Denni-Lee, Georgia Brown, Olivia Osborne and Anne Maree Cheffins, goalkeeper.

East Lismore will look to Jane Parrish, Karen Eakin, Kylie Quinlan and Charlotte James to lead the team with youngsters Sabrina Payne, Shailyn Gooley and Alice Parrish spearing the attack.

DRAW Week 9 (Semi Finals) FNC Hockey Inc.


TimeDiv. Team 1 Team 2 Umpires

Friday - 11 September

6:25pm / MajorB 2 W East Lismore v Ballina (Tom Simon / Eliza Blunn)

7:55pm / Major B 1 W BallinavAlstonville (Emma Stewart / Leanne Albertini)

Saturday - 12 September

9:00am U11 Bal Wobbegongs v Star Pandas (Reece Stanger)

9:00am / Major U11 Star Magpies v Bal Bullsharks (Max Venables)

10:00am / Major U15 Ballina Blue v Northern Star (Mark Harris / Luka Venables)

11:15am / Major U13 Northern Star v Ballina (Coen Acret / Sherilee Matthews)

1:30pm / Minor AM Ballina Av Ballina R (Darryl Hughes / Dan Hughes)

3:15pm / Major AW Northern Star v Ballina (Callum Brown / Jade Gray)

4:30pm / Major AM Northern Star v East Lismore (Brett Crawford / Josh Garrett)


TimeDiv. Team 1 Team 2 Umpires

Friday - 11 September

6:15pm / Minor B 2 W Summerlanders v Alstonville (Britney Gwynne / Hannah Franey)

7:45pm / Minor B 1 W Northern Star v Coraki (Erica Truman / Jane Parrish)

Saturday - 12 September


9:45am U9 Star Crows v East Lismore (Easts supply 1)

9:45am U9 Star Penguins v Ballina (Star supply 1)

1:15pm / Major ARW Ballina Black v Northern Star (Eliza Blunn / Jacob Franey)

3:00pm / Minor ARW Ballina White v East Lismore (Renee Dunstan / Luka Venables)

4:45pm / Minor AW Coraki v East Lismore (Helen Jarvie / Daykin Stanger)


TimeDiv. Team 1 Team 2 Umpires

Saturday - 12 September

9:00am U9 Alstonville v Coraki (Coraki supply 1)

9:00am / Minor U11 Alstonville v East Lismore (Dakota Parrish)

10:00am / Minor U15 Coraki v Alstonville (Hannah Franey / Jane Parrish)

11:00am / Minor U13 Alstonville v Coraki (Tony Meldrum / Campbell Kenyon)

1:30pm BM Ballina v Northern Star (Mick Bodley / Paul Kelly)

3:00pm / Major CM East Lismore v Ballina (Martyn Parr / Andrew Helmood)

4:30pm / Minor CM Coraki v Northern Star (Declan Robinson / Trevor Dancer)

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