The emphasis placed on
The emphasis placed on "doing well” in Year 12 exams can cause anxiety for students. monkeybusinessimages

Help relieve student pressure in race to finish line

THEY are surrounded by textbooks, outlines and deadlines while studying for their final exams.

The students from the class of 2018 are on the last lap of what has been a very long race to the finish line.

After 13 years of formal schooling, the end is near.

For many of them, this is a very stressful time. They're like pressure pots, bubbling away, ready to blow. They're wired and uptight. At any moment they could have a complete meltdown.

Unfortunately, for many students and their families this is the reality they face at this time of year. The emphasis placed on "doing well” in the Year 12 exams, to achieve a high ranking or to follow a particular career path, causes study anxiety that can be draining - a real test.

While some nervousness or anxiety is normal and can even be helpful, feeling out of control and overwhelmed by the workload and focusing on the result of their work, rather than the process needed to achieve the end goals, impairs their performance.

Parents are being encouraged to assist their children to stay focused, relax, release tension and reduce the stress of the exam period without adding unnecessary pressure and panic.

To limit the physical and mental symptoms of stress, provide them with ideas to help them get through the tough times during the coming weeks rather than focusing on negative effects.

Remind them not to get hung up about one set of tests or perceived failure. Don't let them think the results will decide their future. With such a wide range of pathways these days for students to follow, Year 12 exams are not the be-all and end-all.

It's about finding an approach that works for this individual that helps them navigate through the Year 12 exams and life beyond.

So, all you students studying hard, let out some of that steam, get the most from your study and you might just ace it.


Create a comfortable environment and relaxed space to study in.

Create a time management and study plan.

Set goals to help stay on track and see progress.

Take notes to help retain and reinforce information.

Give your brain a break - step away from studying. Do some exercise, catch up with friends.

Look after yourself. Eat healthy food and get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

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