Willows dietitian Susanna Mihalik. Are there healthy Easter food options?
Willows dietitian Susanna Mihalik. Are there healthy Easter food options? Dave Noonan

A healthy Easter is possible says dietician Susanna

WITH Easter right here on our doorsteps, there's no doubt we will be consuming more chocolate than usual during these next few days.

Toowoomba dietician Susanna Mihalik of Eat Wise 4 Life has a few words of wisdom for lovers of all sweet treats this weekend and quality over quantity is the message she's trying to get across.

"Don't gorge on everything," she said.

Ms Mihalik suggested instead of buying bulk this year buy one egg or bunny made by a quality brand.

She also said pick dark chocolate snacks over milk and white chocolate this Easter.

"While it's still not good for you, because dark chocolate has 70 per cent cocoa, it has more health benefits," she said.

"While it's equally dense in energy it's got more antioxidants."

Ms Mihalik said to make sure to still eat in moderation.

"Just because it's healthier doesn't mean you can eat a whole kilo of it."


Five ways to snack smart at Easter 

  1. Buy quality, not quantity
  2. Enjoy chocolate mindfully instead of grazing
  3. Choose dark over milk or white chocolate 
  4. Share your treats
  5. Buy chocolate in portion controlled packs


Smart Swaps 

These healthier swaps will allow you to enjoy Easter without adding too many kilojoules to your diet:

  • Instead of a Cadbury mini caramello eggs choose one of their solid milk chocolate eggs. Save 116kj and 1.4g of fat. 
  • Instead of a large Lindt milk bunny choose five mini bunnies and save 1125kj. 
  • Instead of a traditional Ferrero Rocher milk chocolate, choose a Ferrero Rondoi dark chocolate. Save 84kj and 2.0g fat per piece. 

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