Hartsuyker: Scrapped family tax another broken promise

COWPER MP Luke Hartsuyker has been scathing in his criticism of the Gillard Government's intention to scrap its planned new family tax benefits for families.

Mr Hartsuyker said the plan was another broken promise from Federal Labor.

"Labor trumpeted its claim they were 'spreading the benefits of the boom' and now we find it's another broken promise," Mr Hartsuyker said.

"This family benefit would have provided $300 to eligible families with one child, and $600 to families with two children or more.

"Local families are experiencing the impact of Labor's Budget chaos."

The National Party member said claimed this broken promise was worse than some other backflips the Government has made.

"This broken promise is in fact a 'two-for one' broken promise - at the last election," he said.

"Labor promised company tax cuts for businesses and then took them away last year saying the money would go to provide family payments instead. 

"Now those family payments have been taken away before they were meant to start.

"This will impact more than 37,000 families on the North Coast who receive Family Tax Benefit A.

"In the Cowper electorate there are 13,278 families receiving FTB A, in Lyne there are 11,230 and in the Page electorate there are 12,697."

Mr Hartsuyker said the real message for North Coast families is that Labor can't be trusted to keep its promises or honour its word.

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