Pauline Hanson makes her maiden speech in Federal Parliament. (Screenshot ABC)
Pauline Hanson makes her maiden speech in Federal Parliament. (Screenshot ABC)

Hanson on One Nation split: 'It's not teamwork'

ONE Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has all but said Western Australian Senator Rod Culleton has split from her party.

Ms Hanson's attack on Culleton began this morning when she and 2GB's Ray Hadley were having an on air discussion about last week's horse trading around the backpacker tax.

The One Nation Senator was upset at Mr Culleton deciding to drop his rate to 15% after she and the Federal Government had struck a deal at 19% - the 15% figure eventually passed through the Senate after the Coalition reached a bargain with the Greens.

The move showed One Nation support is not essential for the Coalition to get its legislation through the upper house,

"They were all over the bloody place God I was angry," she said of the negotiations with Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Mr Hadley then asked about the situation with Mr Culleton and how Ms Hanson intended to deal with the "rogue" Senator.

"He's not a team player at all, we can't work with him, you can't reason with him and honestly I think the whole lot has gone to his head," she said.

"He loves the limelight, he loves the publicity and he's not really listening to the advice.

"He's come on the scene he was not interested in politics when I approached him earlier this year.

"He's got a great idea about the Royal Commission in banking which I will pursue and actually the Prime Minister has given One Nation the ability to go forward with a Senate Inquiry into it under our terms of reference.

"Now we have that and the whole fact is he's now out there saying I don't want a Royal Commission, that's actually rubbish.

"It needs to be cleaned up the whole thing with the banking sector needs to be cleaned up.

"Ray I've been in this for 20 years, for a new kid on the block telling me what to do it's just absolutely ridiculous.

"You can't give him a bite, he runs his own race, it's not teamwork."

While Ms Hanson and Mr Culleton are clearly at loggerheads no official word has been released on the Western Australian Senator leaving the One Nation Party. 

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