Thief ridden with guilt returns stolen cash over fence

A GUILTY conscience behind the theft of a local business has resulted in more than $300 in a donation tin returned anonymously to the store.

On Friday at about 6.30am Bakin' Bits Boyne Island staff noticed their Ride For Zoey money tin was missing, after a customer asked to donate.

Customers of the store had helped donate hundreds of dollars towards Zoey O'Donohue, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Zoey O'Donohue (pictured at four-years-old).
Zoey O'Donohue (pictured at four-years-old). Sarah Barnham

Police were notified, and surveillance footage was handed to the police.

Disgusted and dismayed both the owners of the bakery, Kathi and Glenn Wilson, as well as the O'Donohue's were at a loss of what to do.

Mrs Wilson and The Observer posted the story to Facebook, where many shocked residents commented their opinions on the situation.

It can only be assumed that the money tin was returned after those involved saw or read about the O'Donohue's situation, and the support they had received from the Gladstone community.

However at about 11pm last night, staff preparing the bakery for today's morning rush were shook out of their baking modes when a large metal clang sound could be heard from outside.
Staff ran outside to see the donation tin had been thrown over the fence, in tact, with no money taken.

However it was too dark to see anyone in the carpark.

Donation tin stolen and returned
Donation tin stolen and returned

Mrs Wilson said the start of a miserable weekend had completely brightened with the return of the money tin,and while it shouldn;t have happened, was glad the person/s had a change of heart.

"I just couldn't believe it," she said.

Bakin' Bits has been named the best bakery in town - Glenn and Kathi and Allison Wilson.
Bakin' Bits has been named the best bakery in town - Glenn and Kathi and Allison Wilson. Paul Braven GLA141116BREAD

"I honestly think that because we put it out there that the footage was handed in to the police, that's why it was returned," she said.

"Today we weighed the tin and it came to about 7kgs, so whoever threw it over the fence must have given it some serious 'oomph'."

Mrs Wilson called the O'Donohue's straight away to tell the the good news, and said the family was over the moon.

"I've just been walking around on a cloud all morning," she said.

"It's so amazing, tomorrow, we celebrate the business's first birthday, so it's sort of like a birthday present."

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